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12 Reasons to Go Camping Solo

12 Reasons to Go Camping Solo

Ones of the main reasons people like to camp is to spend time being closer to nature and escape the daily grind. But when you’re in a group, whether that means the family, a group of friends or even just a partner, you may not be able to enjoy your surroundings fully. The noise, busyness and constant distractions might take away from truly revelling in what you came out to see: the natural world.

While camping alone might seem intimidating at first, taking a solo camping trip just might offer more rewards than you think and give you a much needed break from city life. So read through our compelling reasons to go camping solo, and get ready to pack your gear and experience the joy of camping alone.

1. Test your limits

Camping alone forces you to do all aspects of camping. Perhaps you aren’t normally the person who pitches the tent, or you’re not camp cook or you don’t plan what to do, you always let someone else take the reins on those tasks. Well, guess what? There’s no one else to make dinner when you’re alone, and no one can set up the tent but you.

Obviously you’ll want to have a basic skill set for all the camping needs from pitching tents, to cooking on a BBQ before you leave for your solo camping trip, but once you’re out there, you might surprise yourself. It’s a great way to boost your confidence!

Check out our guide to the top 10 camping essentials to start making your list.

2. Go at your pace

Instead of waking up when someone else wants to (or when your kids decide it’s morning!), you can decide to sleep late or you can jump out of bed and head out for an early hike (perhaps even catch the sunrise to really soak up some amazing views and time to think).

You can do as much or as little you’d like each day; sip your coffee and contemplate life, pack your day full of fun things to do or a little of both. But no matter how you decide to spend your camping trip, it’s all up to you and what you feel like doing rather than having to consider everyone else.

3. Stop and enjoy the silence

Catch the sunrise at Byron Bay Lighthouse. Image source: I Do Photography

When was the last time you truly sat in silence? Do you always have the television on, even just in the background? Is your phone playing music while you do your household chores or work? Do you live with family and/or a roommate?

Camping solo gives you the chance to sit back and take in the quiet. That might be laying in your sleeping bag at night and truly hearing all the sounds of nature around you, or perhaps you hike up to the Cape Byron Lighthouse to be among the first in Australia to see the sun that day.

Even just sitting in your campsite in the evening, reading a book, counts. You might actually be able to listen to the thoughts in your brain for awhile and truly “clear your head!”

Want to really keep it quiet? Follow our tips for going off the grid during your camping trip.

4. Have the tent all to yourself

Yep, drink it in. All the space in the tent is yours. Spread out, stretch your legs and take in this opportunity to go sleep whenever you want or keep the light on a little longer reading without bothering anyone.

You won’t have to worry about someone snoring and keeping you up, or a little kid kicking you in the middle of the night. So sit back, snuggle into your pillow and enjoy those sweet dreams.

Make sure you love your sleeping bag by reading our post on the top 10 sleeping bags.

5.  Appreciate your surroundings (and perhaps the kindness of a stranger)

Remember why most people go camping: To be close to nature. Well, here’s your choice to truly spend some time listening to the sounds of nature, viewing it without distraction and deciding when and where you’ll take it in.

We bet you’ll hear more than you have on past camping excursions, and you just might sit a little longer looking at the view and perhaps even take some extra special photos to remember this amazing, quiet, relaxing solo camping trip.

Plus, don’t forget that Bryon Bay is home to spectacular natural settings from the beach (surfing, anyone?), to the hinterland, it’s all waiting for you to experience on a different level by doing it alone.

And side note: Don’t feel like you can’t talk to anyone the whole holiday! That’s where our little comment about the kindness of strangers plays in: ask for directions if you need help, stop a local and inquire about the best coffee shop or see if a fellow camper will allow you to borrow some gear if you forgot something. Solo camping isn’t just about being in your head (while that can be great), it’s about pushing yourself too, and that can mean knowing when to ask for help or a favour.

6. Be spontaneous

Whenever you want to go camping, but your buddies are unavailable, just go on your own. You won’t have to synchronise with your friends’ schedules, decide on activities, or even share the costs of your camping trip.

Once the adventure bug bites you, you’re free to go! Ride a horse on the beach, hike up the Byron Bay Lighthouse, cycle through the rainforest, or fill your solo trip with any land-based activities of your choice in Byron Bay. No need to consult with anyone; just do it!

7. Choose your entertainment

Solo travellers come in all types, and while some may be content to listen to nature, others need their entertainment. Carry your favourite book, music, podcasts or movies with you to enjoy during your solo camping trip.

Balance your time in the outdoors with your entertainment fix. For example, read your favourite book while listening to the night sounds before bed. Tune into a guided meditation while you do your early morning relaxation at the campsite. Or bring your wireless headphones or earpods for your cycling or hiking trip through the hinterland.

You can certainly do more than listen to the outdoors!

8. Choose a campsite that makes you happy

byron bay solo camping

Do you want to unwind in a remote location for a weekend? Or do you prefer the peace of nature plus all the amenities of home? Do you want to pitch a tent, hire a van, or rent a beachside cabin? Whatever your solo camping needs are, there is definitely a campsite that will please you.

We love solo travellers here at Broken Bay Holiday Park. If you’d like to be close to hiking trails, or just a short walk from the beach, we’ve got you sorted. If you’d prefer a place to rest after a day of diving, snorkelling or kayaking, Broken Head Holiday Park is your spot.

9. Fewer pains in the neck

You know them well, those fellow campers who don’t pull their weight on your holiday. The ones who don’t pick up after themselves, or worse, those who won’t lend you their cool camping gear unless they come along too.

Of course, camping is often more fun with company. But solo camping means that you decide what to pack, what gear to rent or buy, your tent setup, and your outdoor hygiene only for one. This means that all the amazing Byron Bay activities for solo travellers will be yours without those pet peeves grinding your gears.

10. Camping Menu for One

best pub food byron bay

Some of the best Byron Bay activities for solo travellers are food-related. Try out some quick and delicious camping recipes at your campsite or during your hiking break. Even better, explore all the great food options in Byron Bay, from stick-to-your-ribs pub food to wholesome vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

Plan your meals to match your tastebuds and energy needs. For a great balance of your outdoor menu, we recommend a two-fold approach. Pack all your favourite treats, spices, and condiments for your campsite cooking and promote Byron Bay restaurants by eating out during your solo camping holiday.

11. Face your fears

Image source: St John

Solo camping can be intimidating, especially for new travellers. It is prevalent to feel relatively small and vulnerable, with just your tent between you and Mother Nature. However, when you prepare well and pack for your safety, you will love how quickly these initial fears disappear.

Carry enough food, hygiene supplies, a compact First Aid kit, spare batteries and other essentials. These will help you sleep safely under the stars and handle your hiking trips with confidence. Soon enough, your fear will turn into exhilaration, and you’ll have an unforgettable experience out there.

12. Camp more!

Once you taste solo camping, you will definitely want to do it even more. With each solo adventure, you gain more experience and learn from your mistakes. You will be itching to explore different campsites and enjoy unique tours and activities.

Remember that all Byron Bay activities for solo travellers are likely to give you a fantastic experience. You will love Byron Bay every single time you venture out on your own. You’ll soon learn that solo camping can be very addictive, but always in a good way.

Experience solo camping at Broken Head Holiday Park

Have we convinced you yet? Ready to pack your bags and book that solo camping holiday? Make plans to spend your alone time at Broken Head Holiday Park where we have excellent facilities (so it won’t have to be too rustic while you’re on your own) and a safe, beautiful location to spend your quiet time.

View our accommodation options and start planning what you would want to do your solo holiday to Bryon Bay!

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