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What To Wear When Camping?

What To Wear When Camping?

If you haven’t been camping or stayed at a campsite before then you may be wondering what the heck to pack. The main thing to keep in mind is that camping isn’t a fashion show. You’re best to bring practical clothes that you feel comfortable in, especially if you’re staying in a tent, rather than the latest designer outfit.

But it’s not just about comfy. It is also essential that you bring clothes adequate for specific weather that is expected during your camping stay. Make sure that you check the forecast so there are no nasty surprises.

Let’s see what to wear when camping during the different seasons in Byron Bay. It’s never too cold here but it still pays to be prepared in the shoulder seasons in case there’s a cooler or rainy day.

What to wear for camping in Summer

Summer is the perfect time for camping at the beach. You won’t need to pack that much clothing, however, you still need some. First, and foremost the most important clothing items are to do with sun protection. The Australian sun is strong during the summer, thus having lightweight long sleeved shirts and pants to cover up at the beach, plus a rash vest, UV T-shirt, a sunhat, quality glasses and SPF50 sunscreen is advisable.

You will also want clothing made of breathable material for when you’re out and about. Due to high levels of humidity, having moisture resistant T-shirts and pants may be a smart option.

What to wear for camping in Autumn

Autumn is a great time for camping as the weather is still pretty warm in Byron Bay, and you can get in some swimming and surfing. Anyhow, due to a higher likelihood of fresh and colder weather and especially rainy days, you will need to bring suitable clothing. A lightweight waterproof jacket, comfy hoodie for an extra layer of warmth in the evening, and some wet weather gear if you plan to go hiking will see you right.

What to wear for camping in Winter

Winter also has its charm and it is never too cold in Byron Bay, right? There will be cooler days than in the Autumn, therefore, you need some extra layers. Think jumpers, hoodies, a good quality warm waterproof jacket, beanie, some merino tops, a pair of winter wool socks, waterproof sneakers or hiking boots.

What to wear for camping in Spring

Spring is not too hot and not too cold, sounds like perfect camping weather. So, all your clothing picks should be closer to the summer type of clothes. A light spring jacket, with leggings or pants made of breathable material, and lightweight sneakers should find a place in your camping wardrobe. Layers are your friend in this season. But bring a jumper or jacket to wear in the evening when the sun goes down so you don’t get cold and risk getting sick.

Where to wear your camping clothes?

There are some beautiful spring days at the moment and as we mentioned sunny days mean beach time! Thus, you may want to check our beachfront campsite accommodation, such as camping sites, beach houses, cabins and shacks (we even have some deluxe cabins) and book your next Byron Bay beach camping adventure. We hope to see you soon!


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