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How to Avoid Unexpected Camping Expenses

How to Avoid Unexpected Camping Expenses

Camping can be quite expensive unless you have unlimited time and money. You have to buy specialised gear, pay for a campsite, fuel and food, and still adjust to Mother Nature’s surprises.

That said, let’s look at the most common camping expenses you may encounter and some camping advice to keep them in check.

Camping Gear Costs

If you’re just getting started with camping, the cost of brand new gear can be astronomical. On the upside, most camping gear will be a one-time purchase, so you can spend more for your comfort. The most frequent gear-related costs involve:

1. Tents

Unexpected cost: Ripped, torn or leaking tent

While most tents last, sometimes they just let us down. A torn, ripped or leaking tent can make or break your entire camping holiday.

Camping tips:

  • Choose a tent that’s well constructed and easy to use.
  • Practice how to set up and take down your tent before you get to your campsite.
  • Keep a tent repair kit with you for quick fixes during your adventures.

2. Sleeping Bags

Unexpected cost: Not having a sleeping bag! 

Believe it or not, your regular home blankets just aren’t cut out for your camping adventure. In fact, these could easily become an unexpected expense: if they get damp or wet overnight, you may have to find a proper sleeping bag in a hurry, which can be quite expensive.

Camping tips:

  • Buy a simple, affordable summertime sleeping bag.
  • Match this with a sleeping mat or pad to keep you toasty for colder nights.

3. Portable Camping Stoves

Unexpected cost: Empty canisters, matches and lighters 

Camp cooking is a great way to save on costs rather than relying on snacks or junk food. But if you run out of gas or can’t find your lighter, your camping expenses can shoot right up. You also don’t want to annoy your fellow campers by borrowing a light several times a day, do you?

Camping tips:

  • Always have an extra gas canister or two as a backup. Camping gas stoves are small and lightweight, so they won’t add much to your gear.
  • Buy a camping stove with a built-in igniter for extra convenience.
  • Use a solar powered camping stove, check them out here.

camping expenses

Recurring Camping Costs

4. Camping food

Unexpected cost: Food spoilage

Cooking while camping is totally different from cooking at home, but the essentials remain the same. But what happens when you reach for your camp cooking gear and find that your packed food is off?

Camping tips:

5. Transportation

Unexpected cost: Vehicle repairs, punctures, fuel 

How will you get to and from your camping adventure? If you choose to use your regular car, always check that the tyres are fit for the trip. If you decide to rent a campervan or RV, group travel may be the best option to maximise your mileage.

Camping tips:

  • Fill up your tank the day before your camping trip.
  • Drive carefully: The more camping gear you pack into your car, the more the wear and tear on your vehicle.

6. Campground Access Fees

Unexpected cost: Hidden charges for vehicles or amenities 

The general camping advice is that the more amenities a campground has, the more expensive it is. When looking for a campground, find a balance between the amenities, location, and overall camping experience.

Camping tips:

  • Come to Broken Head Holiday Park! It’s the right mix of affordable accommodation, well-maintained facilities, and proximity to the beach.
  • Once you sort your campground fees, budget for other activity fees like park passes, day tours, or surf gear rentals.

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Peace of mind at Broken Head Holiday Park

Byron Bay is a great place for beginner campers to try out their first outdoor experience. We have perfect beaches and many activities from hiking to kayaking, surfing to off-roading. Come by Broken Head Holiday Park for your peace of mind.

We’re only 10 minutes away from the heart of Byron Bay, so you’ll always be within reach of camping supplies in case of emergencies. Our on-site camp kiosk also has everything you’ll need to make your stay comfortable. Book your camping getaway with us today.

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