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Cool Eskies for a Byron Bay Holiday

Cool Eskies for a Byron Bay Holiday

Who doesn’t love a picnic? But what makes it a picnic is food and drinks, so that means you need a good cooler. Or as we Aussies say, ‘Esky’, as in the famous Australian brand that created the first official portable cooler. But besides keeping our food and drinks cool for a day outdoors or for a camping trip, wouldn’t it be great if our Esky had other excellent functions? We think so too, so we’ve put together a list of few of the coolest coolers around. Check them out and bring one along on your next Byron Bay camping holiday.

1. The Coolest

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Image Source: Coolest Facebook

This Esky lives up to its name. If you’re looking for the best cooler to purchase for a fun camping holiday with your mates, then the Coolest is it. It provides so many tools to make your campsite or picnic location party central, that you’ll feel it was worth the money after just a couple of uses. This Esky includes:

  • Outdoor Bluetooth speakers – These speakers will make it easy for you to DJ the music from your phone. The speakers pair with your phone to stream music for up to eight hours.
  • Built-in blender – Who doesn’t love the idea of making cocktails camp-side? Bring all the ingredients to blend your cocktails, and you can keep the party going with one charge (it typically will blend up to 16 pitchers).
  • USB charger – Oops, your iPhone battery is almost dead. No worries, you can charge it with your cooler. Seriously.
  • Bottle opener – Your cold beverages can easily open with this handy bottle opener on the side of the cooler.
  • Storage deck – If you are having a picnic at one of the beautiful Byron Bay beaches, you can store away keys, cell phone, etc. in this handy area near the speakers.
  • LED light – Find your drinks or snacks even at night with this inside-the-cooler light.
  • Divider/Cutting board and picnic essentials – The Coolest cooler features a design much like a modern fridge where you can open one half, leaving the option to leave drinks in the holders. In addition the divider inside the cooler works as a cutting board. And to top it off, the cooler comes with four plates, a ceramic knife and a wine opener.
  • Rechargeable battery – The cooler runs on a 20V rechargeable lithium ion battery that charges quickly.

Order this cooler now through Amazon. You’ll pay about AUD$685 for this Esky. If you camp with mates often, you could even split the cost between the lot and share this Coolest cooler.

2. Waeco CoolPro


Image Source: Portable Fridges Online

This might be one of the best coolers for camping because of its dual ability – with the touch of button it can switch from cooling to warming. So if you wanted to pack up cooked food prior to a picnic this Esky could serve as a warming box for the food until you arrive at your destination. The cooler runs on a 12V cigarette lighter plug in a car or a 240V main (for example if you are staying at a powered campsite). An operating panel on the top of the unit displays the function (hot or cold) and temperature and has the on/off button. It even features a memory function. So before you head out on your next camping holiday, you might pick up a CoolPro (comes in three sizes).

3. Solar Cooler


Image Source: Solar Cool Tech

Be green while taking along your favourite beverages and cold food with this solar-powered cooler. The solar panel on the top of the cooler soaks up rays to power the refrigeration system as well as the battery and other accessories. Once it gains energy from the sun, the Solar Cooler will be ready to be filled with your food and drinks, which it should be able to keep chilled for up to 18 hours, depending on how much you open it and use the charger. (Yes, it also comes with a port to charge your cell phones, tablets, etc.) Feel good about your purchase as you reduce your carbon footprint with this solar powered cooler. It retails for about $1,200, but it looks like you can still get the preorder price of $950.

4. RC Cooler


Image Source: 247 Deals

You’re sitting at your campsite. It’s time for another beverage. With the push of a button, you can bring your cooler to you with this remote control Esky. While you aren’t going to fit a ton of beverages or snacks in this cooler, the fun factor of having the drinks brought to you more than makes up for the lack of storage. You and your mates will enjoy this Esky on wheels as it travels to your side to deliver a cold beer. (Or perhaps if you have the kids along, then maybe it’s a can of soft drink!) Costs AU$89.95 and needs a 9V battery and six AA batteries to operate.

Bring your Esky and Set up Camp at Broken Head

Make plans to take a camping holiday in Byron Bay where you can utilise that Esky. Fill it up with delicious food and beverages and head out to one of Byron Bay’s beautiful beaches and enjoy a picnic to remember. Stay at the Broken Head Holiday Park in one of our campsites and use your cooler here or down on our nearby beach. There are lots of ways to get use out of either the coolest coolers or even just your regular cooler when you take a camping holiday in Bryon Bay.

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