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15 Innovative Camping Hacks With Duct Tape

15 Innovative Camping Hacks With Duct Tape

When considering what you want to pack for a camping trip, it’s vital to choose items that have multiple uses. And really, there may be no item with more functionality than duct tape!

This is one must-have that should always grace your packing list. In fact, you may want to bring a few rolls just to be safe!

Check out these 15 camping hacks for using this magical material during your camping trip.

1. Patch an Esky

camping hacks byron bay
Image Source: OffRoadTripz

Because duct tape is waterproof, it’s the perfect material to patch a scratched or punctured Esky. Simply put a few pieces over the hole and voilà — it’s good as new!

2. Patch a Tent

camping hacks byron bay
Image source:

Duct tape is strong and durable. That makes it a perfect fit for temporarily patching a ripped tent. Make an ‘X’ shape with your duct tape over the hole and repeat with a few layers. This will help the hole from getting worse until you can arrive home and fix it properly!

3. Patch just about anything…

camping hacks byron bay
Image source:

Eskys, tents….we really could go on and on about all the things you can patch up with duct tape. Suffice to say duct tape can patch just about anything!

4. Waterproof your shoes

camping hacks byron bay
Image Source: REI

If you are hiking along a trail that’s a bit wetter or muddier than you were anticipating, pull out the duct tape! Wrap a few layers around the bottom of your shoes to protect both your shoe and feet with waterproofing.

5. Fix (or create) a cup

Image source: Amazon

If you forget to bring a cup along on your trip, don’t fear! You can actually create a cup out of duct tape. Simply pull out a few long pieces and shape them into a cup. Then wrap a few other pieces along the inside of your cup (so the sticky part isn’t showing anywhere).

6. Insulate your drinks

camping hacks byron bay
Image source: Instructables

If you did happen to bring a water bottle along (or any other bottled beverage), duct tape can actually help you keep it cold! Just wrap some duct tape around the bottle to help keep it insulated.

7. Make duct tape utensils

camping hacks byron bay
Image source: Scoutmaster

We’ve seen people fashion duct tape into spoons, bowls, plates, etc. If you forgot any sort of eating utensil, you can likely shape it out of duct tape.

8. Use it as a bandage

camping hacks byron bay
Image source: Popular Science

Duct tape is your ultimate first aid resource for camping. You can use it as a band-aid, fashion it into a sling, an ankle brace, or even a stretcher (using two long sticks for the sides). You can also use it to cover any small cuts or blisters from your hiking shoes.

9. Mark a trail

camping hacks byron bay
Image source:

Looking to find your way back on a not-so-popular trail? Affix some duct tape to a few trees on your path and use them to guide your way back to camp!

10. Keep cold wind out of your tent

camping hacks byron bay
Image source: Duck Brand

If you find yourself camping on a cold windy night, simply wrap the seams of your tent’s windows and doors with duct tape. This will help insulate any small holes to keep your tent nice and toasty!

11. Use it as an insect trap

Image source: YouTube

If you are having an issue with insects or flies buzzing around your food, hang a piece of duct tape nearby. The little buggers will stick right to it!

12. Make a rope

camping hacks byron bay
Image source: Outdoor Life

Perhaps you want to tie down some of your materials or have an easier time hauling something? Fashion a rope from duct tape by winding a few long strands together.

13. Get sand out of your tent

camping hacks byron bay
Image source: Stocksy

If you’re camping on or near the beach, sand is bound to get into your tent. Before you go to sleep, use a few long pieces of duct tape and stick them to the floor of your tent to grab the sand and get it out!

14. Seal your food

camping hacks byron bay
Image source: Wirecutter

Forget containers for leftovers? You can use duct tape to create one. Or, if you have containers, use duct tape to seal the lids so they don’t leak.

15. Child-Proof Your Campsite

camping hacks byron bay
Image source: ParentMap

If you’re camping with young children, you can use duct tape to secure anything you don’t want them getting into, soften any sharp corners, or cover any broken wires!

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