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What’s On? How to Spend Australia Day in Byron Bay

What’s On? How to Spend Australia Day in Byron Bay

Australia Day 2024 in Byron Bay is an invitation to an unforgettable long weekend experience. Falling on Friday, January 26th, it’s the perfect opportunity to plan a surf, sun, swim or other fun day out. this national holiday opens the door to an extended weekend of joy and exploration. Imagine three full days where the routine is replaced by adventure, relaxation, and meaningful reflection.

Whether you’re spending Australia Day in Byron Bay with your family, friends, loved one or on a solo adventure, here are a few great ideas for Australia Day in Byron Bay…

Australia Day Ceremony 2024

What better way to kick off Australia Day than participating in an Australia Day ceremony?! The ceremony starts at 9am Australia Day and is being held at Lennox Head Cultural Centre, in Byron Bay, Australia.

The ceremony will acknowledge and uplift various brilliant individuals in the community as well as all of the dedicated community groups with the 2024 Australia Day Awards Program. The ceremony will also welcome the newest Australian Citizens!

The talented members of the Ballina Players and the Lennox Beach Line Dancers will be entertaining the event. The ceremony will be hosted by Sandra Jackson. 

For more information on the event, check out the event page here

Beginner’s Photography Class

Unlock the secrets of great photography this Australia Day weekend with a beginner’s class at Tallow Beach, Byron Bay. It’s set for Saturday, January 27, 2024, starting at 9 am. This workshop is an adventure into the world of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, demystifying the elements that make a photograph truly stunning.

Under the guidance of an experienced professional photographer, you’ll learn to transform your creative vision into tangible art. Say goodbye to automatic settings and embrace the full potential of your camera, gaining control and confidence in your photographic journey. Register now and take a step towards seeing and capturing the world in a whole new light.

Art Of Touch: Intuitive Massage Course

Discover a new way to connect and heal this Australia Day weekend with the Art of Touch: Intuitive Massage Course in Byron Bay. Scheduled for January 27-28, 2024, this two-day course opens a window to the world of massage, not just as a skill but as a form of deep, intuitive connection. Whether you want to enhance your relationship with your partner or simply learn a new way to care for others, this course is a transformative journey.

The immersive learning experience will teach you how to give an incredible full-body massage, develop your healing intuition, and connect more deeply with others. Register now to ensure you’re skilled in the art of touch and ready to give the best massages of your life.

Water Activities

If you’re not into events or crowded places, Australia Day offers the perfect excuse to plunge into water activities, especially with January marking the peak of Australian summer. You can dive into various water-based fun, from surfing the renowned waves to leisurely paddleboarding across serene waters. Feel the thrill of jet skiing or embrace the calmness of a kayak journey.

It’s a chance to cool down, relax, and connect with nature’s aquatic wonders. Whether you’re a seasoned water sports enthusiast or trying something new, the sea offers a refreshing and memorable way to spend Australia Day. So, grab your sunscreen, hit the beach, and let the endless blue be your playground under the Australian summer sun.

Byron Bay Australia Day Accommodation

Broken Head Holiday Park campsite

If you’re looking for pleasant and affordable Byron Bay accommodation for Australia Day we can help you out. 

Broken Head Holiday Park has a wide range of accommodation, including campsites, beach shacks, and cabins, as well as deluxe beach cabins if you prefer a little more luxury. 

Contact us to book your stay now, we look forward to seeing you on Australia Day!

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