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Top Family Christmas Camping Gifts

Top Family Christmas Camping Gifts

Tis the season. If you and your family like to take camping holidays, you might want to read this post and get ready to shop. We’ve gathered together Xmas present ideas for everyone on your shopping list from the man in your life to the wife to the kids. Even the family dog!

Plan on a fun camping gear theme for Christmas gifts this year, and might we suggest, you save the best present for last—one for the whole family—a camping holiday to Byron Bay!

Gifts For Men:

1. Stanley Adventure Hip Flask

After a long day of hiking or any of the other fun activities you do on your Byron Bay holiday, he might want to indulge in a drink or two. Give him this manly flask set for Christmas this year, and he’ll be ready for a camp cocktail or two on his next holiday. This rustproof and leak-proof set includes a flask, four shot glasses and a shot glass container. The flask can hold up to 236 ml.

2. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow


Source: paddy pallin

A good night’s rest means you’ll be ready to take on the day and see the sights during your camping holiday. So make sure your guy sleeps well by giving him this pillow, which is compressible, making it easy to pack in with the rest of your camping gear. However, it’s not just that feature that makes it a desirable camping gift, it’s the fact that it is extremely comfortable as well. Get one for him (and you!) for $36.95 a piece.

3. Timex Expedition WS4


Source: timex

Most guys love gadgets. And with this watch he’ll know the elevation, temperature and direction of his location by simply checking his wrist. The oversized wide screen easily shows you the various functions. This water-resistant watch (up to 50 metres) would make a great Christmas camping gift for your outdoorsy husband (or boyfriend or brother or…). Retails for $299.

Gifts For Women:

1. Women’s ProLite Therm-a-Rest



Camping shouldn’t mean you don’t get a good night’s rest. Make sure your wife, girlfriend or even daughter sleeps well by gifting her this self-inflatable mat. At about $171, this mattress, which features a specially designed pattern cut foam for extra warmth, will provide many nights of peaceful rest and make for a happy camper in the morning.

2. Camelbak Aurora


Source: travel universe

This hydration pack, designed specifically for women, carries about two litres of water as well as having storage for keys, phone and much more. A great gift for the woman in your life who loves camping and hiking adventures as much as you do. Costs $99.95 (online now for $89.95).

3. Deluxe Travelling Hair Straightener

travel hair straightener


Just because we’re camping doesn’t mean the ladies don’t want to get dressed up or spend a little extra time on the hair. Sometimes it’s fun to get out of the campsite and try out a great restaurant. With this lightweight and compact hair straightener, she can pack it with the rest of the camping gear without taking up a bunch of space. Retails for $31.77.

Gifts for Children:

1. Compass

This compass serves has both a practical purpose (should your kids ever get lost) and a fun aspect (since kids like to know things like which direction you are going on a hike). It will make any outdoor enthusiast happy on Christmas morning. The compass folds up and fits in most pockets, making it easy to bring along on camping adventures. It costs $24.

2. Flashlight

Mini Cree Flashlight

Source: fishpond

Almost every kid loves playing with flashlights, and on a camping trip it’s pretty much a must-have tool. This Mini CREE light is waterproof, has a clip for easy carrying and only needs one AA battery. Might we suggest investing in some rechargeable batteries so when the kids overuse the flashlights—and you know they will!—you can simply charge up the batteries and away they go again!

3. Storm Safety Whistle

OK, so this might be for the parents as much as the kids, but this safety whistle is the loudest whistle in the world. Seriously. So don’t let the kids blow in each other’s ears! But it will make you feel better knowing they have it while you hike through the woods or as they play around the campsite at night. Grab a lanyard and put this together for a gift for both parents and kids.

For the Dog:

ruffwear dog pack

Source: k9pro

Don’t forget about the family dog when you think about camping gifts for this holiday season. This dog pack allows your canine friend to come along on hikes while also pulling his weight—literally! The packs were made for ideal load-bearing positions for dogs, and the comfortable harness will make sure your dog doesn’t mind wearing it.

Bring your Christmas Gifts and Go Camping at Broken Head

Make plans to take a camping holiday to utilise your presents and to take advantage of the fantastic weather you’ll find in Byron Bay over the summer season. There are tons of fun things to do in Byron Bay during that time so book your camping holiday at Broken Head Holiday Park now!

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