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16 Fun Beach Games for Kids and Adults 

16 Fun Beach Games for Kids and Adults 

Nothing guarantees a good time like fun beach games. There are numerous beach games for kids that keep them entertained while out of the water, so you have more time for yourself. However, there are games that you can play all together, too.

When it comes to beach games for adults, they can help you have enormous fun while keeping you in shape during summer. We’ve compiled a top beach games list for you so you can start your fun beach season.

Read our tips on sunscreen and water safety before you head out so you can have a more enjoyable time at the beach!

Beach Games for Kids

1. Beach Kite Flying

Kids will love to fly a kite on a beach, even if there isn’t much wind, they can run along and watch it fly behind them. You can purchase an inexpensive kite in toy stores, dollar shops, or make one with your kids before the beach visit.

2. Beach Bubble Blowing

A flat beach space and gentle sea breeze is perfect for beach bubble blowing. Again, you can buy this at a toy store or dollar shops or make it yourself with the recipe below. If they get bubble solution on themselves they can just wash it off in the sea.

Small bubbles and small bubble wands:

  • 1 cup of dishwashing liquid (Morning Fresh without lemon)
  • 8 cups of water
  • 1/4 cup of Glycerin

Or for larger bubbles and bubble wands:

  • 2 cups of concentrated dishwashing liquid (Morning Fresh without lemon)
  • 6 cups of water
  • 1/4 cup of Glycerin

Pour ingredients into a container and shake until completely mixed. Then just pack it and you are ready to go!

3. Beach Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is great for backyard camping at home but it’s even better when you’re at the beach. Here you can collect shells, crabs, seaweed, feathers and more. The best way to do this is to create treasure items based on your kids’ preferences to make it more interesting for them.

Once you’ve created a list of treasure items give it to each kid. Next, provide them with a bucket where they can place their awesome findings. Don’t forget to have some kind of small reward for the kid who finds everything on their list.

4. Beach River Race

This beach game for kids will keep them busy for a long time. Here the goal is to dig two long trenches that lead to the water. They can use beach shovels or dig with their hands to get a complete beach experience. Buckets can help with creating a flowing stream.

A dam can help hold the water back until they finish digging the trenches. When you finish digging, you can release all the water with one move. Now, you can have a race with toys, such as paper boats, plastic ducks, or anything else similar from your kids’ toys collection.

5. Beach Sandcastle Contest

Kids of all ages can let their imaginations run wild by building intricate sandcastles. Encourage them to use seashells, seaweed, and other beach findings as decorations.

A friendly sandcastle-building contest can spark creativity and teamwork, especially if the children choose to work in teams. Encourage kids to use their own decorations like seashells, flags, or small toys.You can award prizes for the biggest, silliest, or most imaginative sandcastles. 

6. Beach Bucket Relay

A beach bucket relay race is an exciting and engaging game for kids that combines physical activity with fun competition.

In this game, children are divided into teams, and each team is provided with a large beach bucket or pail and a smaller cup. The objective is to transfer water from the sea (or any large water source) to their team’s beach bucket using the smaller cup.

Kids take turns running to the water, filling their cups, and then racing back to pour the water into their team’s bucket. The team that fills their bucket to a designated level or completes a certain number of trips first wins the race. 

7. Beach Bowling

Set up a few empty plastic bottles in a triangular formation in the sand and use a beach ball as a bowling ball. Kids can take turns trying to knock down the “pins” for a strike or spare.

8. Beach Frisbee Catch

Play a game of catch with a frisbee but add a twist – have the players stand in the shallow water, making catches and throws more challenging and refreshing on a hot day. This game can be played with kids and adults alike. 

9. Beach Olympics

You can combine multiple games into one big event. Consider games like beach volleyball, frisbee throwing, sandcastle building, beach relay races, and beach ball toss. Try to choose activities that suit the age and skill level of the kids participating.

At the end of the Beach Olympics, gather the participants for a closing ceremony. You can present prizes, medals, or certificates to the winning team, as well as awards for other categories like the most creative sandcastle or the best sportsmanship.

Don’t forget to take plenty of photos and videos to capture the fun and memories of the Beach Olympics!

Remember that the primary goal of Beach Olympics is to have fun, promote teamwork, and enjoy the beach environment. Keep the atmosphere light-hearted and inclusive, and encourage kids to cheer for and support each other throughout the games.

Beach Games for Adults

10. Beach Limbo

Everyone knows the good old limbo. It promises beach fun while helping you de-stress a bit and test your limits. Limbo is also safer to play on beach sand. Simply use a skipping rope, pool noodle, boat oar. Each person takes a turn trying to go under the “bar” with their backs facing the sand. After each person has succeeded at a certain height of the bar, lower it again and again. Play some limbo tunes on your blue tooth speaker if you’re not going to annoy anyone nearby.

11. Beach Survivor

Here, you will need a fairly large group of people. Maybe if you’re traveling as a group or treating your friends and their kids to a beach day? When you have everyone together, divide them into teams of 3-5 people. Then create the beach challenges.

They can be:

  • Hopping across the sand
  • Burying team members in the sand
  • Standing on one leg
  • A great relay race
  • Tug of war using a wet beach towel

Whoever loses the challenge, loses a game, and one team or player is eliminated each time. The remaining team or individual wins.

12. Beach Musical Towels

The same way you have Musical Chairs, you can have Musical Towels. That’s right, play some music and lay beach towels on the ground. Lay one towel less compared to the number of players. When the music starts, you all should start dancing around making a circle around the towels. The moment the music stops playing, jump quickly onto the nearest towel. The player who ends up without a towel needs to leave the game. The one that lasts the longest wins the game.

13. Beach Ball Hot Potato

If you want a beach game but don’t want to move a lot then we have something for you. Sit with your friends and family members, forming a circle. When the music starts, you should pass the ball to whomever you want. At the moment the music stops the person who holds the ball needs to leave the circle. And again, the last man (or woman) sitting is the winner.

14. Beach Cricket

Beach cricket is a casual and enjoyable variation of traditional cricket, ideal for adults to play during a day at the beach. It requires minimal equipment and encourages a relaxed, social atmosphere. Here’s a simple guide on how to play beach cricket:

Equipment needed:

  • A cricket bat (lightweight, wooden, or plastic)
  • A tennis ball or a soft rubber ball (preferably a windball)
  • Beach towels or a soft beachball to serve as stumps

Select a Beach Spot: Find a suitable, relatively flat area of sand away from crowded sections of the beach. Clear any obstructions or debris from the playing area.

Create the Pitch: Use a beach towel or draw lines in the sand to mark a pitch area, including a “batting crease” and a “bowling crease.” The batting crease is where the batsman stands, and the bowling crease is where the bowler delivers the ball.

Place the Stumps: Instead of traditional wooden stumps, you can use soft beach towels or an inflatable beach ball. Position the stumps in the center of the pitch at the bowler’s end. The aim is for the bowler to hit the stumps to get the batsman out.

15. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a popular and active game that adults can enjoy during a day at the beach. Here’s how to play beach volleyball:

Equipment Needed:

  • A volleyball (typically a beach volleyball with softer touch)
  • A beach volleyball net and boundary markers (if available)
  • Beach towels or boundary lines (if no net is available)

Setting Up:

Choose a Beach Spot: Find a suitable location with enough space for the volleyball court. Ideally, you should have a net available. If not, use towels or draw lines in the sand to mark the court’s boundaries.

Set Up the Net: If you have a portable beach volleyball net, set it up according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

16. Ring Toss

A game of ring toss is an activity that can be played among adults, kids, or all together as a family. 

Materials Needed:

  • A set of ring toss game rings (these can be made of plastic or foam)
  • A sturdy post or stake (about 2-3 feet tall)
  • A beach towel or a marked spot in the sand

Setting Up:

Choose a Beach Spot: Find a suitable location on the beach where you have ample space and a level surface. Consider a spot away from crowded areas to avoid accidents.

Prepare the Post or Stake: The post or stake serves as the target for the ring toss. Insert it securely into the sand so that it stands upright. Ensure it is stable and won’t tip over during the game.

Mark the Throwing Line: Use a beach towel or draw a line in the sand several feet away from the post. This line will serve as the throwing line from which participants will toss the rings.

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