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5 Ways To Make the Most of Wet Weather Camping

5 Ways To Make the Most of Wet Weather Camping

Sure, we like to think that every holiday will be filled with sunny, gorgeous days each and every day. But sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way, and we need to remember that wet weather certainly doesn’t need to ruin a holiday. The key to camping during wet weather is bring the right outdoor gear so you, your tent and your stuff don’t get soaked. We’ve put together some camping tips for you so you can make the best of a rainy holiday.

1. Bring the right camping gear

camping tips byron bay

Image source: Go Camping

This is probably an obvious camping tip, but you’ll want to make sure to bring along the right outdoor gear if there’s even a chance of rain during your holiday. From bringing along an extra tarp and plenty of plastic and ziplock bags, to outdoor clothing such as hooded rain jackets, you’ll find yourself happier and spending less money at the last minute if you ensure you’re prepared for any weather situation.

The most important thing is to double-check your tent is truly waterproof and comes complete with a rain fly before you leave for your holiday. We suggest setting up your tent at home before you leave and spraying it with the garden hose. If you need to purchase a new tent check out the section ‘Planning for the wet’ in our tent buying guide:

2. Set up your tent properly

camping tips byron bay

Image source: Eureka Tent

Save yourself grief during your holiday by spending the extra time to set up your tent in a good location, adding extra protection against rainy weather and properly ventilating your tent. When you are getting ready to pitch your tent, check your spot and make sure you don’t pitch it in any dips or hollows on your campsite. If you’re stuck with a slope, then make sure the doorways face the lower ground, which ensures the tent doesn’t fill with water. Place a waterproof tarp under and another over your tent, while still making sure the tent is properly ventilated so as not to create condensation. Also, don’t place any sleeping bags or other camping gear near or touching tent walls, which could lead to water leaking into the tent.

3. Plan fun, indoor activities

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Image source: Koa

Don’t let the rainy weather get the best of your camping holiday, especially if you’re camping with kids. Embrace the weather and besides having an impromptu rain puddle jumping party, you’ll find there are still lots of fun things to do in Byron Bay in particular if it does rain. In fact, we already put together a whole post with ideas for you and your family for wet weather activities:

4. Bring indoor, or in-tent, entertainment

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Image source: REI

When putting together your camping checklist, you should always to include some campsite entertainment options, such as iPads for movies, books, games and colouring books and crayons. While considering your options, you’ll need to think about what can be transferred inside—whether that’s in your camper or your tent. Check out wifi options or whether you need data available in order to watch movies while you’re on holiday. (For example, Broken Head Holiday Park provides free wifi access to all guests!)

Beyond the good old iPad or laptop, we’ve gathered a list of camping games, some of which will work in wet weather conditions or others that could be modified for rainy days. Check it out for ideas:

5. Separate and dry your camping gear

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Image source: Outdoor Gear Lab

During set up, while you’re there and after you get home, you’ll want to be diligent in making certain your wet camping gear dries properly and doesn’t get near your sleeping bags. All electronic gear, such as phones, cameras and iPads, need to stay in dry plastic bags when not in use to be extra sure they don’t get wet. Wet gear needs to be properly dried and should be stored in plastic bags or even garbage bags until it can be dried (and really the best option is washed and dried in laundry machines). When you get home, dry out all your outdoor gear thoroughly so you avoid anything getting smelly or damaged. Plus, you’ll want them ready to go for your next camping trip!

Bring all your gear for a great holiday at Broken Head

If you follow these camping tips, you’ll still have a great holiday at Broken Head Holiday Park even if you do run into some of the wet stuff. So even if you’ve booked a weekend that might bring rain, you’ll still be able to come on your holiday to Byron Bay and have a fun time. Booking a campsite means you’ll have access to power if you’d like as well as an excellent set of facilities. So don’t worry, prepare yourself and you’ll be ready for whatever weather you encounter.

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