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Camping Fridge Guide: How to Keep Your Stuff Cool

Camping Fridge Guide: How to Keep Your Stuff Cool

Out of all the great camping gear you need for your adventures, a camping fridge is probably the biggest investment you’ll make. You definitely want to choose a suitable camping fridge the first time around. Not sure where to start? Read our guide below.

Why Do You Need A Camping Fridge?

There are three main reasons why you need a camping fridge when caravanning in Byron Bay:

  1. The heat: If you plan your adventure during the summer, you will need ice cold drinks to stay refreshed.
  2. No melted ice: Keep your fridge plugged in and your food and drinks stay cold without bags of ice.
  3. Durability: A good camping fridge hardly ever breaks down and ultimately cuts down on food waste.

How to Choose the Best Camping Fridge

Our camping gear philosophy is to buy it once and buy it for life. Consider these key factors when you’re looking for a camping fridge.

  • Size: Camping fridges range from compact and portable, all the way to huge capacities that can store enough food and drinks for a camping group for a week. The most common size is 40L, which works well for a long weekend away for two or three people.
  • Cooling method: There are 12-volt fridges, two-way and three-way fridges, and thermoelectric fridges. We recommend a 12-volt camping fridge for keeping drinks cool during short day trips. For longer outdoor adventures, consider a three-way camping fridge that you can power using your car battery, mains power or LPG cylinders.
  • Price: Camping fridges range from $800 to $2,000 depending on size and features. Some may require additional accessories like fridge covers, batteries or gas cylinders, and vehicle modifications to install the product.
  • Compartments: Camping fridges can be fridge-only, freezer-only, or a combination of both. If you like going on day trips in and around Byron Bay, a fridge-only option is great to keep your drinks cool. For longer trips or multiple travellers, freezer space may be more convenient. Consider a single compartment camping fridge with baskets to layer frozen foods at the bottom and fresh items at the top, saving space.

Best Fridge Features for Camping

With a world of features available, it can be tough to narrow down what to look for in a camping fridge. The top features you should consider are:

  • Automatic shutoff or power switching. A camping fridge that shuts down at a high voltage, or switches to alternative power sources, will save your car battery.
  • Robust fridge mounting. This keeps your camping fridge steady and level when you drive on off-road or bumpy terrain.
  • Sound insulation. A camping fridge with fibreglass insulation and optional foam fridge covers will improve efficiency and use less power.
  • Good temperature range. The ideal camping fridge should give you between -18°C and 10°C, but confirm these temperatures with a fridge thermometer.
  • Drainage plug. This makes it easier to rinse out your camping fridge without taking it out of the car or tipping it over.

Best Camping Fridges in Australia

Here are our top three camping fridges for your outdoor adventures:

1. Bushman Fridge SC35-52

camping fridges

Image source: Bushman

This award-winning two-way fridge is expandable up to 52L. It comes with three stacking baskets for frozen foods, tall bottles and a crisper for your fruits and veggies. Whether you’re camping or entertaining friends at home, you can use it as a freezer only or a fridge-freezer combo.

Price: $1,495

2. Engel 40L Portable Fridge/Freezer

Image source: Engel

The Engel MT-V45F is one of the most robust camping fridges in the market today. Its chest fridge/freezer design has a large door latch, reinforced baskets and uses a low consumption motor.

Price: $1,439

3. Ironman 4×4 40L Fridge/Freezer

camping fridges

Image source: Ironman

The Ironman series offers a 40L model that can carry up to 62 cans of drinks for a more budget-friendly camping fridge. Thanks to its polyurethane foam insulation, its compact design keeps your camping drinks and snacks cool in the hottest weather.

Price: $840

Choose the best camping fridge for your Byron Bay getaway

A camping fridge is a serious purchase, so keep these tips in mind when buying this essential piece of camping gear. Do your research, make your purchase, and head on out to Broken Head Holiday Park for your camping getaway. We have plenty of room for caravans on powered and unpowered sites. Book your stay with us today!

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