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Top 10 Must-Have Caravan Accessories

Top 10 Must-Have Caravan Accessories

Once you purchase, or even if you hire a caravan to test it out on a camping holiday, there are certain accessories that you’re likely to discover will become a must when you travel. 

So instead of trying to figure out what these might be on your own, let us help you start making a list. While some of these tools and accessories might be optional, we believe you’ll be glad you have everything on this list when you go on your next holiday. Plus, it’s very likely that you’ll find that there’s even more things that you and your crew—whether it’s family, friends or you and your partner—want to add to this list that become your must-have caravan accessories. 

But let’s get started with those top 10 recommendations, and you certainly can add from here to create your perfect home away from home. 

1. Caravan stairs

Image source:

This one is an absolutely, positively necessary accessory for your caravan. When you open the door to your camper, you’re looking at a pretty high jump, and the last thing anyone wants to do, especially on a holiday, is deal with a sprained ankle or some other injury obtained while simply trying to climb in and out of your caravan.

So, do yourself a favour and pick up some durable, wide two-step caravan stairs before you head anywhere. 

2. Grey and black waste (containers and/or hoses)

Image source: RV Daily

Most caravans nowadays have black (toilet) water tanks, but some don’t have grey water (kitchen/sink waste) collection so you’ll need to drain it into containers. We recommend getting a container that rolls so you can easily dispose of everything in the proper locations (dump sites, for example, at holiday parks). You also might want to invest in a hose to help you dispose of the waste because sometimes it’s a stretch to get to the dump site connection. 

3. Caravan battery

Image source: Retreat Caravans

While you might be lucky enough to holiday where there are powered campsites (ahem, Broken Head Holiday Park), there may be times when you need to power your caravan or devices within your caravan through a battery

Note: Don’t, we repeat, DON’T try to use your car battery to do the job of a caravan battery. The car battery provides a boost of energy, not a constant, steady stream of energy. 

Some caravan owners are lucky and have a setup provided by the manufacturer that typically includes two 120amp batteries with 150 watt solar panels on the roof along with a 40amp AC Caravan Battery Charger. If you don’t have that included in your caravan, you could look to mimic the setup. 

4. First aid kit

Image source: St John

Part of preparing for a trip is anticipating your needs from clothes to pack to what might happen on the trip and items you might need to take care of that situation. One of these situations you’d like to be prepared for is a minor first aid need—like a scrap from slipping on a hiking trail or a bothersome bug bite. 

By packing a fully stocked first aid kit in your caravan for every holiday, you’ll be able to take care of simple problems, so you can rest easy, knowing you’re prepared. This first aid kit is fully stocked and ready for your holiday, so it might be an easy solution for you. 

5. Basic toolkit 

This is another one of those anticipating needs accessory. If something simple breaks or becomes loose, who wants to spend time tracking down a tool or, worse, going out and buying another wrench or screwdriver when you already have a collection at home? 

Instead, put together a traveling toolkit that will help you out with minor issues during your holiday. Suggestions for inclusions are: wrench, screwdriver, hammer or mallet with rubber head, small crowbar and perhaps even a socket set. 

6. Fire extinguisher and smoke alarm

Image source: Full Works Fire Safety

Safety first! While we hope it’s never, ever necessary to use these accessories, it’s going to help you sleep at night knowing that you’re safe and monitored should something happen. 

Install both the smoke detector and extinguisher in your caravan before you leave on your holiday and make sure you test them before you go on each holiday. A small, dry powder fire extinguisher will be the perfect size for your caravan. 

7. Set of knives

It’s important to have a decent set of knives with you while travelling so you can cut up food easily, like the fresh vegetables and fruit you buy at the Byron Farmers Market. 

But make sure to purchase knives with covers. It’s really nice to be able to put away the knives in a drawer and not worry about reaching in it to track them down and think to yourself, “Am I going to cut my hand?” Plus, having the covers means you don’t have to store them in a wood box that takes up more room in your cabinets. 

8. Convenience machines for kitchen

Image source: Tripadvisor

While we’re obviously not suggesting you bring every machine or tool from your kitchen with you on holiday, it would be helpful to have one or two of your most useful kitchen gadgets with you. You could even purchase one for the caravan only if you plan to caravan often. 

A few suggested ideas include:

  • Crock pot
  • Pressure cooker
  • Coffee maker
  • Thermomix

9. Caravan awning

Image source: Xtend Outdoors

Adding an awning to the side of your caravan or picking one with this accessory already installed is a huge bonus for giving you extra space for your holiday. It shields you from the harsh Australia sun and allows you to be outside even if it’s raining. 

Plus, some awnings allow you to add on full walls or fly screens that can create an excellent space for eating that won’t become fly-filled immediately. You should also think about a groundsheet to keep your chairs and any furniture from getting wet or dirty. 

There are lots of options, so it’s a good idea to figure out what you’d like to do and what you think you’ll use. Or, perhaps, just do the awning at first and add on later if you decide you use it enough. 

10. Camp chairs

Who doesn’t want to sit around at the end of the day and relive the fun adventures you had? Or gather in the morning to eat breakfast and sip coffee while planning out the day ahead? Camp chairs make it easy to relax at your campsite and think about how you wish you could be on holiday all the time. 

We reviewed a few camping chairs in another post, so head over there for recommendations on making your caravan holiday even more comfortable. 

Bring your caravan and all those accessories to Broken Head Holiday Park

Load up your caravan with all the best accessories to make sure you are all set for an amazing camping holiday. We know you’ll have a blast whether it’s your first or 50th time taking a caravan on your holiday. Broken Head Holiday Park offers excellent amenities for people who are caravanning, from powered and unpowered camping sites, including sites large enough for fifth wheelers and caravans (just make sure to notify us when you reserve your space so we make sure to place you in the right site).

Plus, our sites are very affordable starting at $39 per night (for two adults) for powered sites Sunday-Thursday and $42 for Friday and Saturday ($17/adult extra and $9/child). 

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