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7 Best Scenic Lookouts in Byron Bay

7 Best Scenic Lookouts in Byron Bay

Hiking to a lookout and taking an Instagram-worthy photo is pretty much required during a holiday, right?

Some of the best photos from any given holiday result from standing at a lookout at just the right time—sunrise, sunset, mid-day to see more dolphins in the ocean, whatever it might be, but capturing the beauty of your surroundings is a great way to remember your amazing holiday.

To help with that endeavour, we’ve gathered a list of 7 of the best scenic lookouts in the Byron Bay Area. Here they are in no particular order!

1. Australia’s Easterly Most Point and the Lighthouse

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Any holiday to Byron Bay isn’t complete—especially if this is your first time!—without a visit to the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse.

It’s especially important to come at sunrise. This is the best way to experience Australia’s easterly most point and something you can claim when you most certainly post your best picture of the amazing surroundings during that sunrise. You were among the first to see the sun in Australia on that particular day—what a fun perk on this particular lookout.

Plus, this is a great area to start off any holiday in the Bryon Bay Area because there’s so much to head to next, so then you have to consider: Breakfast? Head on the coastal walk around the lighthouse? Stay longer to try to catch a view of dolphins or even whales migrating if it’s the season?

Pick any of these great activities to follow up your visit to the lookouts around the lighthouse, or spend some time looking through this blog, we have tons of ideas!

2. Fisherman’s Lookout

Image source: Oz Beaches

If you’re up for a second amazing lookout after being wowed by the Cape Byron and the most easterly point in Australia, then you should follow the coastal trail from the lighthouse toward Fisherman’s Lookout.

Here you’ll be treated to gorgeous views of the ocean and watching surfers hanging ten at one of Byron Bay’s favourite surfing breaks, The Pass. Plus, lots of visitors talked about catching sight of dolphins in the ocean below—so be prepared to take lots of photos!

The views back toward the lighthouse as well as the other direction are both equally awesome. In fact, this lookout ranks in the top 20 (no. 15) things to do in Byron Bay on TripAdvisor.

Reviewers made comments such as, “This lookout at The Pass gives spectacular views of the amazing clear waters Byron Bay has to offer,” and “Fantastic location to relax and watch all the action below.”

3. Paterson Hill Lookout (Also Eric Wright Lookout)

Image source: Monument Australia

Yet another place where you’ll be awarded with outstanding views of the Bryon Bay Area from the coastline to the lighthouse all the way down toward Broken Head. You’ll overlook the Arakawal National Park with views of Mt. Warning in the backdrop.

This hilltop lookout wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for the efforts of several long-time Byron Bay residents, including a man named Eric Wright. He, along with other locals, protested over a nine-year period to keep the area from being turned into residential housing.

Wright’s photographs and knowledge were a major part of what finally convinced the council to not go ahead with development plans.

So say a thank you to Eric Wright and the other locals who saved this beautiful location while you admire the views.

4. Captain Cook Lookout

Image source: National Parks

Located near Clarkes Beach, a family-favourite beach, Captain Cook Lookout is part of the Cape Byron State Conservation Area. So you’ll not only get excellent views, but also access to a picnic area, toilets and lots of parking. It’s a great way to park, enjoy a picnic lunch and then take the Cape Byron walking track, a 3.7 km walk.

From the lookout, you’ll have views of the ocean below where you’ll likely see dolphins and, if you’re there during the migrating season, pack binoculars so you can spot whales.

From here you can also see out towards Julian Rocks, one of the best spots for snorkelling in Bryon Bay.

If you’ve already taken the walk when you visited the lighthouse at sunrise, then come here to enjoy the rock and tidal pools, perfect for families, at Clarkes Beach.

Then you can head up to the Captain Cook Lookout to relax and enjoy a tasty picnic lunch. Plus, you can take all the photos to remember the beautiful scenery!

5. Minyon Falls

Image source: National Parks NSW

Part of the Nightcap National Park, Minyon Falls is an approximately 100 metres tall falls and the best part about the lookout is you’ll not only see the falls, which are beautiful, but on a good day you might be able to see all the way to the coast.

At the lookout, you’ll find not only a great place to take photos, but also plenty of barbecues and picnics tables, so it’s an excellent way to pack lunch and make a day of being in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Consider following the Minyon Falls walking track, which takes you down to the base of the falls. Despite being a rather steep hike, it’s well worth it to view the falls from the pretty pool at the bottom of the falls. However, it’s not a good idea to hike this trail soon after a rainfall due to the steep nature of the 7.5km return walk.

6. Pat Morton Lookout

Image source: Pacific Coast

This particular lookout is located near another excellent surfing break, Lennox Point, and provides visitors with views of nearby Lennox Head and all the way up to the Cape at Byron Bay.

While you hang out taking in the magnificent views, you’ll be able to watch the surfers taking on the waves, look for dolphins or even catch someone taking off to hang glide. It’s also another top-notch lookout for whale watching during the migration season.

Another favourite on TripAdvisor, all the comments praised the spot for providing wonderful views and worth visiting, such as “It is a gorgeous sight, you can see the whole beach and it was particularly nice on a breezy day,” and “Pat Morton Lookout is the perfect place to watch the day go by—from whale watching, looking over to Byron Lighthouse, to watching the surfers when the point is breaking.”

7. Three Sisters Lookout

Image source: Byron 4 Kids

If you stay with us at Broken Head Holiday Park, you’ll be almost on top of this final of our best scenic lookout recommendations.

As part of the Broken Head Nature Reserve, the Three Sisters walking trail is an easy hike that ends at this magnificent lookout. As part of the walk, you’ll enjoy wandering through a bit of rainforest before you’re rewarded with a panoramic  view of the coast complete with beaches and rocky coves.

This lookout is an excellent spot for birdwatching, such as white-bellied sea eagles, and during the winter and spring, you could easily spot a migrating whale.

Don’t miss out on an interesting Aboriginal story that explains the name of the spot, which was previously known as Cocked Hat Rocks. The reserve is co-managed by National Parks & Wildlife Services and the Arakwal People.

According to the NPWS site, Three Sisters “is an important cultural site representing a story about a young Aboriginal woman who was caught in a strong current when swimming in this area. When her sister attempted to save her, they both drowned and were transformed into stone. This story was told to warn children not to swim in the strong and dangerous currents here.”

Plan to visit all the lookouts and stay at Broken Head Holiday Park

Believe us, you won’t regret visiting any of these lookouts, and, in fact, it might be fun to visit all of them. You’ll have an amazing set of photographs to remember your Byron Bay holiday.

Considering our proximity to one of the lookout locations, it just makes sense to set up shop here at Broken Head Holiday Park. We offer excellent accommodation you can book online from beach shacks, to non-powered camp sites—there’s something for everyone. So admire the photos we’ve provided to give you an idea of these awesome sites, and then start planning your own visit to see everything for yourself!

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