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Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Campers

Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Campers

Is there an avid camper on your Christmas list? Or perhaps you’re looking to give ideas or hints to someone who is purchasing a gift for you?

Either way, here’s a list of awesome Christmas gifts for anyone who has a passion for camping!

1. Biolite Charge 10

Image source: Wildearth

Make sure your camping buddy stays connected while on holiday this Christmas. This waterproof (from rain, spills and even dropping in water) portable charging unit allows you to plug in via a USB port to fully charge your phone, lights or other powered gadgets. The power supply comes from 3.6 V lithium-ion battery. Click here to order one.

2. Commuter Java Press

Image source: Snowys

Coffee lover? Also like camping? Now you don’t have to drag along the coffee pot or any other device … or do a life hack of some sort. This solves all the problems of a camping java addict. This cool designed portable coffee mug removes the French press-like plunger rod and instead uses a sleeve that holds the coffee grounds (or tea or even hot chocolate mix) from your water, but still brews up the coffee perfectly. The insulated mug keeps your beverage nice and warm. Cost is approx. $55.

3. Foldable high chair

Image source: Amazon

If you like camping, but have little kids, this one is for you! So give a gift to yourself, or make a friend who loves camping and has littles one happy camper. Folds up easily, has a five-point harness and is lightweight — all the makings of an excellent piece of gear to add to the collection of someone who loves camping with young kids. Cost is less than $60 and is on Amazon.

4 and 5. Collapsible Water Bottle and Kettle

Image source: Wildearth

Space savers are always a good idea when it comes to camping. So check out this water bottle that holds 750 mL of water that flattens into a small disc basically. And this kettle also is awesome for hot water and will collapse. How cool is that? Get the water bottle here and the kettle right here.

6. Sawyer Mini

Image source: SawyerProducts

This personal water filter removes 99.99999 of all bacteria and 99.9999% of all Protozoa from water, so you never have to worry about a water source. Since the Sawyer provides a straw, you can directly from the source, or you connect it to the hydration pack tubing, which then you use to put the water into your water bottle. In addition, you can just screw it onto the most standard disposable water bottles. Retails for less than $50.

7. Head lamp

Image source: Wild Earth

Need to run back to the car at night? Track down something you dropped? Heading to the facilities? There are tons of uses for a head lamp while camping. So this Christmas gift for a camper is an easy way to get a smile. Costs vary, but here’s where to look for one.

8. Coleman Oversize Quad with Cooler

Image source: OutdoorGear Lab

The price is right and so are the amenities on this Christmas gift for campers. Featuring an armrest cooler and cup holder, the Coleman Oversize Quad  is comfortable, lightweight and folds up easily. The cooler is easily the best feature,  with the space to hold up to five cold beverages (like beer!) and ice. Put this on the list for your favourite camper for just $35.

9.  Luci Outdoor 2.0

Image source: Luci Lights

Not only is this camping light waterproof and super light, it also collapses all the way to down to only one inch tall. Plus, the top of the lantern is a solar panel and that’s how it charges so no battery worry. And, best part? It only costs $34.99.

10. Sleeping Pad

Image source: Amazon

If you want to gift a camper with a good night kip, this reasonably priced sleeping pad with a built in pump will help them get a better night’s rest on their next camping trip, and won’t break the break either. Check out the Alps Mountaineering Featherlite on Amazon.

11. JetBoil

Image Source: Amazon

Boiling water comes in handy for many different uses while camping — sanitising water, washing dishes, or (as you’ll see with our next item) a quick shower. JetBoil is a portable water boiling system that can take water from room temperature to boiling in less than 2 minutes. It’s a perfect multi-use tool for the camper in your life! 

12. Portable shower

Image Source: LatestBuy

Camping can get pretty dirty. Why not treat your camper to a nice shower on their next adventure? Check out this portable shower which allows for a 7-minute clean-up! Pair this with the JetBoil above (it has a heat proof liner) and they can even take it warm! 

13. Portable speaker

Image source: Amazon

Let your camper enjoy their favourite tunes while their out and about with this waterproof, dustproof, sand-proof and mud-proof (basically, camping proof) portable speaker from Sony. This speaker boasts a battery life of 16 hours+ and is Bluetooth compatible, making it easy for users to quickly pair their device and enjoy their playlists.

14. Firewood holder

Image Source: Amazon

Gathering firewood is a necessity for some camping trips, but it can be difficult to carry a heavy, awkward load back to your campsite. This firewood holder helps make things easier while also protecting arms and hands! The bag is wax lined and waterproof, so it’s built to last. We also give this bag bonus points for being visually appealing — it could really double as a beach tote or weekend bag.

15. Cast iron skillet

Image Source: Amazon

If you have a camper that enjoys cooking, there’s no better gift than a nice cast iron skillet. Cast iron skillets are a perfect pan for camping due to their ability to distribute heat, durability to high temperatures, non-stick surface and minimal required clean-up. Your camper can use their skillet for likely every meal on their trip, and after returning home! Check out the selection on Amazon.

16. Camping cookbook

Image Source: Penguin Books

The Camping Cookbook would be a nice gift to pair with the cast iron skillet above, or as a standalone gift! This cookbook features more than 80 sweet and savoury camping recipes for the adventurer in your life. Barbecue chicken anyone?

17. Reusable food bags

Image source:

Support your camping buddy’s love of nature by gifting them these reusable food bags — great for camping —and for the Earth! These washable silicone bags from Kappi cost $29.95 for a pack of 2, and are non-toxic and BPA Free, as well as leak-proof. They’re great for holding on-the-go snacks or stashing camping leftovers to bring home. 

18. Travel clothesline

Image Source: Make Adventure Happen

Packing light is always a great idea when it comes to camping. With all the gear that’s needed, campers usually like to bring minimal clothing in order to reduce baggage. That’s where a travel clothesline comes in handy! Campers can give clothes a quick wash in the creek and hang them out to dry, so they’ll dry faster and with less hassle. Costs less than $30. 

19. Portable cot / lounge recliner

Image source: Amazon

Some people find sleeping on the ground pretty difficult, no matter how great their mat or air mattress. If you have a friend who loves to camp, but doesn’t sleep well when doing it, this portable cot would be a great gift. Being lightweight and portable makes it easy to transport, and this particular cot actually transforms into a lounger as well. While it’s a bit on the expensive side at $80, the gift of a good night’s sleep is really priceless!

20. Camping pillow

Image Source: Amazon

Speaking of great sleep, nothing quite beats a comfortable pillow! This portable camping pillow from Wise Owl Outfitters is compact, supportive and comfortable. It comes in three sizes so you can purchase it for children or adults. While it’s marketed as a camping pillow, it could also be used for hammocks or a general travel pillow as well. We love utility in a camping product, and this pillow has it! Retails for less than $40.

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