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Top 5 Camping Apps (And You Might Not Delete Them Later!)

Top 5 Camping Apps (And You Might Not Delete Them Later!)

Anyone who camps with regularity knows that there are lots of apps out there that seem like they might prove useful during a trip, but sadly end up just taking up space on your phone.

So what actually are apps that you could use and that might improve your camping experience?

We’ve sourced 5 excellent campings apps that are worth keeping on your phone.

1. WillyWeather

WillyWeather app

Weather plays a big role in any holiday, but especially on a camping one. A benefit of a Smartphone is the ability to access real time weather information that will help you plan, not only your activities, but also your overall timing of your stay.

Coming highly recommended, the WillyWeather app features easy-to-use functions and a clean layout, which provides not only temperatures and forecasts, but also a radar; tide, UV, wind and even the moon phases.

All of the information that a camper could use to figure out if it’s a good idea to pull out the rain fly or if a hike is in your future. We’d recommend you stick with the free version as the paid one only removes ads.

2. First Aid by Red Cross Australia

First Aid app

While most camping holidays don’t involve a need for major first aid, you can prepare yourself for any of the minor cuts and scraps up through an actual first aid emergency.

The First Aid app by Red Cross Australia gives you step-by-step information on how to manage common first aid emergencies from dealing with a bite or sting, to treating burns and blisters.

It  even walks you through how to deal with a bone break. This free app will give you peace of mind while out hiking and even in the campsite.

3. Sun Smart

SunSmart App. Image source: SunSmart

We all know the UV rays in Australia are more intense than in other places in the world, so preparing for your day with layers, hats and sunscreen is especially important.

Developed by the Cancer Council, the SunSmart app provides the current UV levels wherever you are and can remind you to re-apply sunscreen or alert you when UV levels get too high.

You also can find out exactly how much UV exposure you need for your vitamin D dose for the day. Besides the safety concerns, it’s pretty important to know how much time you can safely stay out on one of the gorgeous beaches on your holiday, right?

4. Avenza Maps

Avenza Maps app

If you like camping, then it’s a pretty safe bet that you enjoy bushwalking as well. However, when you’re out on these hikes you probably won’t have Wi-Fi access or even the use of your cellphone plan’s data.

So that’s where the Avenza Maps app comes in handy.

The map viewer is available offline once you download the maps—so make sure you preload the maps from the location of your camping holiday before you even leave, so you’ll be set once you get there.

Once you’re out and about without access to data, the GPS that’s already on your phone puts your location on any of your maps, and then you can mark where you are with placeholders.

Kind of like leaving crumbs on the trail to follow back, but in a much fancier way!

5. Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2 app

Who doesn’t dream of staring up at the stars at night while on a camping holiday?

Instead of just admiring the stars, use Star Walk 2 (it’s free, but there is opportunity to upgrade to premium) to learn more about what you’re observing.

On the app, you’ll find a guide to what you might be seeing in the night sky from the moon and stars to asteroids and comets.

This app might be especially great if you have secondary school kids and teenagers who might enjoy learning more about the constellations and everything else you find in the sky at night.

Bring your smartphone and head to Broken Head Holiday Park

Load up your phone with all the apps you might need for your camping holiday, and then start planning your camping holiday to Byron Bay.

While many people might look to unplug during a holiday, the amazing amount of useful information and apps that a Smartphone offers nowadays makes it hard to completely turn off.

Maybe turn off your social media for the holiday and only use handy apps like the ones we highlighted, and you’ll find yourself ready to engage with the amazing natural surroundings here at Broken Head Holiday Park and the surrounding Byron Bay Area.

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