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5 Excellent Family Tents for Camping Holidays

5 Excellent Family Tents for Camping Holidays

Thinking about taking the whole family on a camping holiday soon? Ready for a better situation than two small tents? Or perhaps your family has grown and needs a bigger space to fit everyone?

Whatever the reason is, if you’re in the market for a family tent, then check out our list of good, dependable family tents that should provide a great place to sleep after a fun day exploring Byron Bay.

Yes, that’s right, we’re recommending you take the whole family in your new tent for a camping holiday in Byron Bay—the temperate climate, gorgeous beaches and lots of fun family activities make this an easy sell. Sure, we might be biased, but we doubt anyone in the family will disagree. Browse through the list and start dreaming of your next holiday.

1. Coleman Calet 9 CV

Image source: Snowys

The Colman Calet is made for family camping—it features three separate rooms, two bedrooms and a living area. It makes for a more enjoyable camping holiday if everyone isn’t sleeping on top of each other. Plus, with this tent, you’ll have an impressive waterproof rating (no one wants to hear the kids whine about getting wet), and it even holds up during high winds.

Keep in mind this tent will take longer to set up—it’s not the pop-up variety, but testers say it’s well worth it. This tent shows up on several best of family tent lists, and it’s been showing up for years. You can pick up this tent for under $500.

2. Oztent Malamoo Mega

Image source: Snowys

While this isn’t made for huge families, you could easily fit you, your partner and your kid in this Australian-based company’s tent. Plus, you won’t spend a ton of time setting it up because the tent’s “all-in-one” design allows you to pitch the fly and inner together quickly.

Other features includes a set-back interior double door that makes an enclosed front area (a.k.a., a great place to take off shoes so you don’t bring dirt into the rest of the tent).  The tent costs $174.99, making it a great deal if you have a small family.

3. Blackwolf Turbo Lite Cabin

Image source: Tentworld

Another tent for a family of 4 or 5 with room to spare (Blackwolf says it sleeps 10), the Blackwolf Turbo Lite Cabin isn’t going to come cheap, but it’s a premium tent that will help your family enjoy camping holidays for years to come. (Plus, you’ll note it comes with a lifetime warranty so you can feel safe making the investment knowing you’ll be covered if something goes wrong.)

A feature that attracts parents is the optional internal wall that allows you to divide the space in two but, because there are two doors, both areas have external access. Excellent waterproofing and a huge front awning are some of the features of this particular tent. It sets up easily, but it is rather heavy, so make sure you don’t have to carry it far in order to get your campsite. The Blackwolf costs $1,099.

4. Outdoor Connection Brampton

Image source: Snowys

This very large tent provides space for four people to sleep at each end and still has a central living space (and if you have young kids, then there’s probably room for more!). Plus, the living space expands with awnings that will create a large sheltered area outside the tent. This tent also includes door locks and adjustable awning poles.

While you might have to spend a bit more time setting up this tent, you’ll probably be glad you did when you’re enjoying all the space you have for your family. You can purchase this tent for approximately $600.

5. Coleman Instant Up 10P Gold

Image source: Tentworld

This tent, which easily sleeps a family of four or five, offers high quality, easy set up and a reasonable price tag. Some of the best features include:

  • full side awnings for additional shade,
  • a room divider so you can have two spaces (nice benefit for kids sleeping while the parents stay up and read or watch a movie),
  • three entrances and excellent ventilation.

It even folds up into a heavy duty carry bag. You can pick up the Coleman for your family’s next holiday for less than $500.

Bring the Family and Set up Camp at Broken Head Holiday Park

Once you decide which tent fits your family and your budget, start looking at your calendar to find a time you can set up your family’s camping holiday. Everyone will want to test out the new tent, and who doesn’t want to do so within close proximity to the beach?

At Broken Head Holiday Park, we offer powered and unpowered beach camp sites, plus awesome facilities and easy access to all the fun Byron Bay has to offer. Check out our blog’s activity posts and start planning your holiday now!

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