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6 Unique Adventure Activities in Byron Bay

6 Unique Adventure Activities in Byron Bay

Sometimes holidays aren’t all about relaxing. It can be fun to do something out of the ordinary; an adventure that you’ll always remember. For anyone who seeks thrills when on holiday, you’ll find plenty of adrenaline inducing options here in Byron Bay.

1. Skydive Byron Bay

Image source: Skydive Byron Bay

Imagine the feeling of free falling through the air while overlooking beautiful Byron Bay below. That’s what you can expect when you book a sky dive jump with Skydive Byron Bay. Claiming to be Australia’s highest jump, with Skydive Byron Bay you’ll free fall for 6o seconds as part of a tandem skydive. You’ll be able to see both the gorgeous beaches as well as the lush hinterland.

You’ll jump from 15,000 feet in the air and head towards Byron Bay at more than 200kph before the parachute opens and you float the rest of the way down.  Plan what day you want to tackle this on your holiday as skydives happen at approximately 8:10 am, and you should expect about four hours to complete your activity.

There are two levels of sky dives available. The first one is a tandem jump from up to 7,000 feet high and that costs about $175. The other option is the 15,000 foot jump (still tandem), which costs approximately $207. Make sure to book online to get up-to-date prices and possibly save some cash. Also, be sure to read all the fine print when you are on the booking site, you’ll see prices for adding on videos of your jump.

2. Knees to the Breeze Trike Tours

Book a tour of the Byron Bay Area with the Knees to the Breezes and take a ride on these grown-up motorcycle tricycles. Two or three people may ride in the vehicles while the guide drives you around for anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours. The tour options for the Knees to the Breeze include  a short ‘Lighthouse Lap’ for $20 per person, a 30-minute tour of the city centre for $90 for two people and one-, two- or three-hour tours where you can pick your destinations, which can include a stop for coffee or food (cost ranges from $75 per person to $225 per person). Helmets, jackets, gloves and goggles are all included.

3. Byron Airways Hang Gliding School

Soar over Byron Bay as if you were a bird when you sign up for a Byron Airways tandem flight. With this option, you’ll get a 30 minute ride with an instructor over the Byron Bay area during which you might be able to spot some of the amazing wildlife here. For $145, you’ll get instructions on how hang gliding works, all the safety guidelines and answer any questions you might have. Then you’ll be on your way to a 30-minute glide that you won’t soon forget.

Byron Airways launches hang gliders daily from Byron Bay and Lennox Head. In addition, if you really enjoyed your flight, you’ll have up to four months to go on another flight because every person is set up with a HGFA trainee membership status (it provides third party liability insurance). You can even take lessons if you wish!  Book online and you’ll be all set to go one of the unique adventure activities available in Byron Bay.

4. Tiger Moth Adventure Flights

Image source: Tiger Moth Byron Bay

If you’ve ever dreamed about what it might be like to be a pilot, specifically one in World War II, then this adventurous activity might be right up your alley. The Tiger Moth Adventure Flights offers participants a chance to experience what it was like to ride inside an open air cockpit biplane, complete with a leather helmet and googles to wear during your flight. The plane is a fully restored 1942 De Havilland Tiger Moth, which the RAAF used for pilot training during WWII.

You can book a flight from 15 minutes up to 60 minutes, with prices ranging from $190 to $550. There are special add-ons for all the flights as well, such as aerobatic upgrade ($100, includes six digital photos) or a DVD of your flight ($100) or digital photos ($5 each). Check this one out if you’re into both history and adventure — what an amazing memory you’ll create!

5. Byron Bay Kite Surfing

Image source: Byron Bay Kite Surfing

This sport is a cool way to be on the water that isn’t surfing and isn’t swimming, but rather allows you to glide above the water using a kite. If you enjoy sailing, surfing and stand up paddle boarding, this unique sport will probably be in your wheelhouse. Check out photos at Byron Bay Kite Surfing, and you’ll see why you might want to add this to your next holiday to Byron Bay.

Costs range from $250 for one kitesurfing lesson to four lessons in $800. What level of experience you want will guide which package you pay for. For example, the one lesson provides an in-depth introduction to kite flying and kitesurfing over 2.5 hours. FYI, if you’re up for even more adventure, Byron Bay Kite Surfing also offers lessons in hydrofoil, the latest offshoot of kitesurfing.

6. Byron Bay Gyrocopters

Image source: Fly Gyro

One last unique adventure activity here in Byron Bay that we’d like to mention is the Byron Bay Gyrocopters. This particular adventure allows you to ride along with an experienced pilot while you fly over the famous Byron Bay Lighthouse or over the beaches, up and down the coast of the Byron Bay Area. If you’re really after an amazing experience, you can take a 90-minute flight that goes from the Hinterland, to the beaches and more.

The gyrocopter is a small, open air two-person aircraft that looks much like a small helicopter. On a flight, you’ll be given a flight suit to wear, an aviation headset and a pilot helmet. Cost range from $149 for the 30 minute lighthouse flight, to the 90 minute flight that goes from Mt. Warning to waterfalls (such as Minyon Falls), to the beaches and lighthouse for $320.

Look over the Byron Bay Gyrocopters website for more details on another awesome adventure you can add to your to-do list on your next Byron Bay holiday.

Stay at Broken Head While You Enjoy Your Adventures

Save money by booking your holiday stay in Byron Bay at the Broken Head Holiday Park where you can nab a powered or non-powered campsite. You and your mates can camp out during the holiday, and head out on all your adventure activities during the day. We have excellent facilities and a great location that will allow you to relax after you pump your adrenaline on your activities.

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