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7 Best Asian Restaurants in Byron Bay

7 Best Asian Restaurants in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is not just a haven for surfers and beach lovers, but a paradise for Asian cuisine enthusiasts. Picture this: waves crashing, golden sunsets, and a plate of tantalising sushi or a bowl of fragrant Vietnamese pho before you.

Whether you’re craving Thai, Chinese, Japanese, or any other delight, this coastal town promises a culinary journey that’s simply unforgettable. Already imagining the deliciousness? This article is your golden ticket to the seven best Asian restaurants in Byron Bay that you can’t miss on your next trip.

1. Thai Lucy

Byron Bay Asian Restaurants

Image source: Thai Lucy

Thai Lucy stands proud as Byron Bay’s culinary jewel, winning “Best Thai Restaurant” on TripAdvisor for three consecutive years: 2018, 2019, and 2020. Established in the 90s, they’ve consistently served authentic Thai dishes crafted from fresh, local produce.

At Thai Lucy, they welcome you as you are—BYO, sandy feet, and tousled hair. Their menu boasts a range of delights, from spring rolls and curry puffs to standout dishes like cashew chicken.

Address: 2/4 Bay Ln, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

2. Red Ginger

Byron Bay Asian Restaurants

Image source: Red Ginger

Red Ginger is a unique fusion of a grocery store, dumpling house, tea haven, and gift emporium. If you want to shop, you can find a variety of Asian groceries. If you’re a foodie, you can relish the ready-to-eat Yum Cha dumplings or take them frozen for a homemade feast.

Tea lovers can explore a curated selection from places like China and Japan, perfectly paired with elegant teapots. Reviewers consistently praise Red Ginger for its diverse food options, delectable taste, and affordable prices.

Address: 2/111 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

3. Street Sushi

Byron Bay Asian Restaurants

Image source: Street Sushi

Since its humble beginnings in 2015, Street Sushi has transformed from a tiny nook offering fresh sushi into a series of bustling takeaway outlets. They believe in a simple ethos: takeaway food should leave you feeling great!

As you browse their offerings, rest assured that every item, be it the Bento boxes, the freshly rolled sushi, the comforting miso soup, or the crispy tempura, is made on-site every day. So grab a quick dinner or settle down for a sit-down meal that won’t disappoint.

Address: 4/4 Jonson Street, Byron Bay NSW, 2481 Australia

4. Kinoko Japanese Restaurant

Byron Bay Asian Restaurants

Image source: Kinoko

Kinoko Japanese Restaurant promises an unmatched culinary journey in Byron Bay. Choose from sushi plates circulating on a conveyor or delve into modern Japanese creations by skilled chefs.

Craving a quick bite? Their takeaway options, including Homosaki rolls and crispy sushi, start at just $3.70. And for those special occasions or shared meals, their sushi platters are a crowd-pleaser.

Address: 7/23 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

5. Light Years

Byron Bay Asian Restaurants

Image source: Light Years

Light Years was born to revolutionise the East Coast with vibrant Asian dining, and it effortlessly became a beachside must-visit. Here, share-style food is a bold canvas of colours and flavours, perfectly crafted by executive chef Robbie Oijvall. Pair your meal with unique cocktails and enjoy service from the friendliest wait staff.

But the experience doesn’t stop with taste. You will immerse yourself in the lively soundtrack, ambient dim lighting, and an atmosphere that’s always buzzing. Light Years is your destination for a punchy flavour adventure and an ambience to match.

Address: 139 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

6. Yulli’s Byron Bay

Byron Bay Asian Restaurants

Image source: Yulli’s

In Yulli’s Byron Bay, every bite tells a story of rich, plant-based innovation. Here, modern Asian flavours meet 100% vegan mastery. Their expansive vegan wine list, local spirits, and signature cocktails elevate your dining experience.

And don’t forget Yulli’s Brews—a curated selection of craft beers, ciders, and kombucha. Whether you have gluten restrictions or prefer gluten-free delights, many of their offerings cater to or can be tailored to suit. So, whether you’re grabbing a takeaway or settling down for those special lunch and dinner spreads, Yulli’s promises an unforgettable vegan escapade.

Address: 2/1 Carlyle St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

7. Kura Byron Bay

Byron Bay Asian Restaurants

Image source: Kura

Kura Byron Bay embodies the essence of a traditional Japanese Izakaya. The menu features fresh local seafood and boasts various vegan and gluten-free options. Dive into their expansive drinks list featuring Sake, fruit wines, Japanese cocktails, and whisky.

Hungry for lunch? They’ve got you with their ramen, appetisers, tapas, and rice bowls on weekends. And for the ramen aficionados, head in on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for a special treat.

Address: 8/4 Bay Ln, Byron Bay, NSW 2481, Australia

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