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7 Cool Lanterns to Take Camping in Byron Bay

7 Cool Lanterns to Take Camping in Byron Bay

People often need to get up in the middle of the night when camping, or see their way back to the tent/campervan after they’ve been out for a night stroll or dinner. For this reason, it’s a good idea to bring along lights to help you do just that. But modern lanterns have lots of other uses these days than just illuminating your campsite. Some even do other cool tricks like charging your devices or connecting to your Bluetooth and letting you set an alarm. Some even could create a party-like atmosphere at your campsite with a multi-coloured light mode.

But whatever cool lantern you bring for your camping holiday in Byron Bay, make sure it will light up your tent and site adequately so you’re not fumbling around in the dark as that’s when accidents can happen.

We’ve sourced 7 lanterns we think are pretty cool – check them out below:

1. The Helix Rechargeable

Helix rechargeable lamp

Image source: Princeton Tec

This collapsible lantern not only will shed light on your campsite, but it will also charge your devices when running off a lithium (or triple A) battery. First off, who doesn’t enjoy camping gear that gets smaller for packing purposes? Space is always a premium when trying to fill up the car before a trip so the less space any gear takes up, the better. In addition, the legs not only collapse, but they also move so you can make a spotlight out of the lantern, giving you and your mates an easy way to find your way back to the campsite after a bathroom break. And no need to worry about it burning out if you decide to keep it on during the night, it can go for 22 hours. Costs about $160, but sometimes you can catch a sale through Wild Earth.

2. Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern

Lighthouse mini lantern

Image source: Snowys

This solar-powered lantern eliminates the need to keep batteries on hand. While you may want to book a powered camping site, you can easily charge this lantern a few different ways:

1) via a portable solar charging panel,

2) through the charging cord using a USB, or

3) using a wall plug through the USB port.

If you have the need, there is also a built in crank that if used in the sunlight, one minute of cranking will provide 10 minutes of light. Once charged, you can easily carry around this lightweight lantern for walks at night or keep your site well lit (it puts out up to 250 lumens). It costs $100 or less.

3. Luci Outdoor 2.0

Luci Lights

Image source: Luci Lights

This lightweight and waterproof camping light collapses down to one inch. The space saving allows you to pack all your camping gear and just tuck this into your bag. The top of the lantern is the solar panel through which you charge it so you never have to worry about batteries with this lantern. Using a hook on the top, you can hang it from a nearby tree or hook it up to your backpack and take it along with you on hikes to charge it up. As light and small as these camping lanterns are, you could easily pack a couple so you’ll have plenty of light at your campsite. Retails for only $29.95.

4. Zempire Luken LED Lantern


Image source: Snowys

Illuminate your campsite with the 360 LED light or use the dimmer switch to create a chill hang out where you can enjoy a beer after a long day of enjoying Bryon Bay. Illuminate your campsite with the 360 LED light or use the dimmer switch to create a chill hang out where you can enjoy a beer after a long day of sightseeing in Bryon Bay. This camping lantern doesn’t use batteries and is instead charged by a USB outlet. It is a durable, lightweight camping light that can be placed on a table, the ground or up in the trees.  It retails for only $29.90 (on sale from $50).

5. Jaycar 700 Lumen LED Lantern

Jay Car

Image source: Jay Car

This more traditional lantern will certainly brighten up your campsite — at 100% it gives off 700 lumens. However, with just the push of a button on the front of the lantern, you can easily lower that brightness to 75%, 50% or 25%.  The design also works in light rain so no need to worry if you grab it when it starts sprinkling. At the low cost (only $24.95) and ability to skip the fuel, this lantern is a great addition to your camping gear.

6. Moji Charging Station Lantern

Cotswold Outdoor

Image source: Cotswold Outdoor

This dual-purpose camping gear would be perfect for the tech person in your life who hates it when his/her devices get a low battery life (or – horrors! – run out of power). The modern-looking camping light has a USB port for charging devices, has a dimmer switch and includes a rechargable battery. Plus, it glows pretty darn bright at 250 lumens, and has a hook to hang the light when you’re outside your tent. This device costs about $120.

7. BioLight Base Lantern XL

BioLight Base Lantern

Image source: Snowys

This camping lantern serves not only as a light but also carries Bluetooth capabilities and a charging station. This flat pack light can be synced up with your phone through the Bluetooth app and then you can set an alarm, as well as turn it on and off and use the dimmer switch. The light also will activate when you’re near so you can prevent yourself from tripping over anything in the dark. Other features include the ability to hang it so it can light up your whole site (highest level of light is 500 lumens), the power grid allows you to charge several devices and different lighting modes give you options (red, blue and multi-coloured). Costs $200.

Bring Your Lanterns to Broken Head Holiday Park

Whether it’s a cool lantern, or just a good camping light, bring them all to enjoy your camping holiday in Byron Bay at Broken Head Holiday Park. Here you’ll have the option of non-powered or powered camping sites and a host of amenities to make your stay comfortable. Plus we’re close enough to Bryon Bay proper to take in all the action, but far enough away to help you get peace and quiet for your nights. So book soon for your next holiday and bask in the beautiful year-round temperate weather!

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