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5 Best Places for Byron Bay Surfboard Hire

5 Best Places for Byron Bay Surfboard Hire

Byron Bay is famous for surfing, so it’s natural when you come here for holiday to want to try out this sport.

In fact, Byron Bay ranks as one of the top 50 places in the world to surf. But you probably already know that if you’re looking for a place to hire a surfboard while you’re on holiday here, so read on for suggestions on where to get the best deals on Byron Bay surfboard hires.

If you’re unfamiliar with the best places to surf in Byron Bay, check out the following blog post:

Surf & Bike Hire Byron Bay


Image source: Byron Bay Surf Festival

Like name suggests, Surf & Bike Hire Byron Bay serves as an excellent place to hire a surfboard while on holiday here. This business stocks everything from soft boards to performance quality as well as everything else you might need like wet suits, beach shelter, beach chair (so your family can watch!) and more.

Prices run from $18 for a half day to $85 for five days (anything beyond five days is $10 per day). So if you’ve already had lessons, been surfing for years or just had lessons yesterday and want to keep going, then you should be able to obtain what you need from Surf & Bike Hire.

McTavish Surfboards

Image source: McTavish Surf

If you’re coming to Byron Bay on holiday and you already love surfing, you should consider making a stop at McTavish Surfboards. Bob McTavish started the company in 1962 in Byron Bay and has stayed relevant in the surfing world ever since. A surfer would love to spend time drooling over the many types of boards McTavish has to offer, including the ability to have a board custom made.

Plus if you stop by you might get invited to one of the fun social gatherings the company is known for — where the car park is converted into a party venue, a projector is brought out, tunes are played and everyone talks surfing. Plus, neighbours Stone & Wood often join in and provide the refreshments! Even if you’re not looking to buy, you can even try out one of these boards by hiring it while you’re on holiday in Byron Bay.

Soul Surf School

Soul Surf School is a surf lessons business that also hires out surfboards and other related accessories. Here, you could start with lessons, especially if this is your first time trying out the sport or if it has been a long time since you tried to hang ten, and then move on to hiring a surfboard for the rest of your holiday.

Prices for surfboard hire range from $20 for two hours to $150 for the week (it is higher if you prefer a pro board such as Al Merrick, Emery, etc.). Have a look at the prices as well as all the other things Soul Surf provides (lessons and all that) to see if this might be a good fit for your group and its needs.

Black Dog Surfing 


Image source: Black Dog Surfing

Like Soul Surf, this surf school also hires out surfboards. So it’s a great place to check out if some of the people in your group or family haven’t surfed before and would like to try. While you hire the surfboard, others could do the lessons. You’ll find all sorts of boards here that should be suitable for any level of surfing from beginner to advanced, and from kids to adults.

For example, soft board hires at Black Dog, which are great for kids and adults who just learning to surf, run anywhere from $20 for half a day to $110 for a week. Check out all the pricing on the various boards to find just the right one for you and your friends or family.

Let’s Go Surfing


Image source: Lets Go Surfing

One final option for surfboard hire while you’re on holiday in Byron Bay is Let’s Go Surfing (this business has three locations, including Byron Bay, Bondi Beach and Maroubra). This business has options of a wetsuit and surfboard package starting at $25 for one hour to $200 for the week. You’ll also find just surfboard pricing, just wetsuit and more.

Another unique feature of Let’s Go Surfing is a group package so you can hire five surfboards for two hours for $80 or wetsuits and boards for $100 (it also goes up to 10 boards). This might be worth a look if you and a group of your mates decide to take a surfing holiday in Byron Bay.

Sleep at Broken Head Holiday Park in Between Surfing

If you’re looking for a place to crash that is affordable and quiet so you can catch zzzs in between stretches of catching waves, then Broken Head Holiday Park just might be that place. Check out our accommodation as there’s sure to be one that fits your holiday plans and budget from campsites, to beach shacks. Book soon and you can start dreaming of riding those famous Byron Bay waves!

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