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What’s On? Byron Spirit Festival 20-22 April

What’s On? Byron Spirit Festival 20-22 April

If you’re looking to come to Byron Bay to experience its famous laid-back attitude and excellent yoga offerings, then be sure to book your next holiday here for the upcoming Byron Spirit Festival, 20-22 April. This three-day Byron Bay festival features tons of workshops on yoga, dance, music, healing and much more.

Much of the Spirit Festival will be held in Cavanbah Centre in Byron Bay, located on Ewingsdale Road, approximately 3km from the Byron Bay city centre. Additional workshops and the evening concerts will be held at Elements of Byron, situated at the end of Bayshore Drive.

For those who just want a short deep dive, you can attend the post-conference Breathfest workshop on Tuesday, April 23. You can attend for $108.

Tickets  for the Byron Spirit Festival include several options from full day and evening and entire weekend, to just one evening and kid prices. Check out all your options to figure out what works for you, your schedule and budget. A full weekend now costs $270 per person, whereas individual day and evening tickets cost between $90 (Friday) and $130 (Saturday and Sunday) per person or for just evenings you can come for $35 per person.

Schedule highlights

The three-day event lineup runs the gamut with yoga sessions, meditation, dance workshops, music and all kinds of other interesting sessions. The following are just a few of the highlights that this Byron Bay festival offers for visitors.


Friday yoga sessions: Four yoga sessions are offered this afternoon to get the festival started, including Serotonin Shot, which is “an opening in a physical and energetic level to more possibilities and a release of old stagnant patterns.” Class includes individual movement practices, partner flows and a simple therapeutic sequence.

Nature Mandala Ritual for Intention Setting: This healing circle will help participants set intentions and let go of old baggage. The session includes meditation, guided journaling and reflection, Sanskrit chanting and the creation of the mandala.

Friday Night Opening: Evening participants will join a three-hour journey of yoga, chant and dance. “We dive collectively into the heart of our own unique intentions, ground onto the earth, open ourselves to our greatest human potential and embody our prayers!”


Saturday yoga sessions: With 13 sessions to choose from, Saturday attendees will be able to find something they will enjoy. There’s everything from several kid yoga classes and family yoga, to Intro to Acro Yoga and a masterclass about how “Asana is Hatha yoga.”

The Art of Meditation and Mindfulness: Gary Gorrow presents a workshop that will attendees to learn practical techniques that they can utilise in everyday life to enhance awareness and moment to moment experience.

Sacred Salty Rain Dance with Tommy Franklin: Open to all ages, Tommy says anyone can dance, even people in wheelchairs. So don’t make excuses and enjoy learning foundational movements to have fun on any dance floor and how dancing does wonders for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Extreme wellness: This workshop will “explore how to find extreme comfort in uncomfortable situations by manipulating your environment and consciously exploring the edge of your comfort zone.”

Teens to Queens: Open to the whole family, this talk covers the realignment of the modern rites for teen girls as they move from girl to woman. “Offering a turning point of solutions for teen girls to tap into their super-girl / super-woman self and rekindle relationships to reconnect with themselves, and those they love.”

Saturday Night Concert: This evening begins with Amaru Pumac Kuntur, Peruvian musicians, followed by a presentation by Edo Kahn, founder and CEO of A Sound Life, Australia’s first charity to transform the lives of people in need through free music, yoga and meditation programs. The night will end with musical group Tijuana Cartel, Australia’s premier ‘east meets west’ electronic beat makers.


Sunday yoga sessions: At the festival, there will be 15 sessions of yoga available throughout the day, ranging from kids’ yoga and family yoga, to Flying Dragon Sleeping Swan and beach yoga. So no need to worry, there’s something for every yoga lover or even beginning yoga fan.

Rise Up Sunshine!: A session that combines ecstatic dance and Cacao and will be extended to two hours. “Surrendering to a healing journey through the terrain of the body, into the heart, past your mind into another dimension of existence, a dimension we call Ecstasy.”

Spiritsong Shamanic Choir (women only): This session is “an experiential workshop that offers a space where one is encouraged to open up to the sacred world of sound that resides within all beings. Through an array of voice inspired exercises, each person will access the healing that resides within through the communion of sacred sound.”

Voices of Man: Murray Kyle “offers a journey for men into voice, sound, movement and presence. We will explore the transformative channel of our human voice, through games, songs, and resonance.”

Generate Rapture through Breathwork: Breath of Bliss is “an ecstatic breathwork practice that arouses the body, senses, emotions and provokes profound insights. In this workshop we focus on letting ourselves be taken by the breath as a Divine Force of Love, compelling us to surrender to Everything. Includes touch and an hour-long, circular, connected breath journey to dissolve into oneness.”

Awakening the Goddess Within: Part of the conscious relating series, this workshop is described as “a magical, dynamic journey into self to consciously reconnect to the super powers of divine masculine & feminine forces.”

Make Broken Head your base for the Byron Spirit Festival

Skip the crowds in Byron proper during the Spirit Festival, and instead stay at Broken Head Holiday Park. Our tranquil setting and affordable accommodation makes a perfect spot to rest your head after your sessions at the Byron Spirit Festival. So book now and start looking forward to your Spirit Festival weekend in Byron Bay!

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