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Top 21 Camping Hacks for Your Next Holiday

Top 21 Camping Hacks for Your Next Holiday

Family holidays make for great memories, but they also can be a lot of work. So, we decided to put together a list of the best camping hacks out there to save you time and effort on your next camping excursion to Broken Head Holiday Park. Try out a few so you can just relax and enjoy your family time.

1. More than just for the pool

Camping hacks - foam noodles for awning struts

Source: Pinterest

Many, many articles suggest using your common foam pool noodles to cover awning struts, sharp edges and anything else you might bump into at night or just walking around your campsite. Most are bright colours so they’ll even stand out in the dim evening light, saving you from at least one stubbed toe!

2. Save space—square not round

Even though lots of food items might come in circular containers, opt for transferring food to square containers for camping. Square-shaped containers stack up in chilly bins and storage spaces better and won’t roll around or knock into each other while driving.

3. Forget about broken eggs

Camping hacks - eggs in a bottle

Source: Lifehacker

Never again will you head to your motorhome’s fridge or the cooler at your campsite only to find your eggs broke in transit. Plan ahead—and save time!—by placing the number of eggs you need for your holiday in plastic water bottles. Generally you can count on a half litre water bottle holding about eight to nine eggs.

4. Buy a couple of shoe storage organisers

These handy hanging shoe organisers make multiple camping hacks. Cut one up for organising items around your bed in the motorhome or hang a mesh one in the shower for storage of everything from shampoo to shaving cream. Another use for these handy organisers is hanging one outside your motorhome or around your campsite to provide a place to hang various kitchen necessities.

5. Always carry some TP

Camping hacks - altoid tin tp

Source: fieldandstream

Don’t find yourself on a hike without some toilet paper—you never know when nature might call. A couple of camping hacks for bringing along the TP is carry it along with other hiking tools (a lighter, Swiss army knife, etc.) in an Altoids tin. Or if you’re already taking along a backpack, then pack the toilet paper, but make it more compact by removing the cardboard tube.

6. Need a light?

Camping hacks - campsite lantern

Source: homebrew

Forgot the lantern? Run out of batteries? Take an empty milk or water jug, then strap your headlamp around it. This will easily light up your whole tent for the evening. This is one of those perfect camping hacks to get you through an evening if you just need to buy more batteries the next day or to use throughout a holiday instead of a traditional lantern.

7. One-time cleanse

Save space and figuring out where to store the half used bar of soap by making one-time soap bars. Take a bar of soap and using a vegetable peeler, make small pieces of soap that you can grab each time you take a shower or even just for washing your face at the end of the day. Think of it like a detergent or dishwasher pod!

8. Don’t smell … and get rid of the itch

Camping hacks - deodorant for mozzie bites

Source: wikihow

Mosquito bites just come with camping—as much you might like to avoid them completely, most likely you are going to get at least a few over the course of a camping holiday. Everyone has different methods of taking the itch away from making an “X” across it with your nail, to applying a lemon slice. However, this camping hack allows you get to get double duty. You’ll already be packing deodorant, but did you know that you could also rub it on a mosquito bite to quell the itch?

9. Line your drawers

This isn’t so much as a camping hack, but more of just common practice—line the drawers and cabinets of your motorhome with non-slip liners. Keeps things from rattling and crashing into each other while on the road.

10. Keep the wine safe

camping hacks - wine bottle protectors

Source: goodsamcamping

It’s probably a safe assumption that most camping holidays involve bringing along some alcohol even on family holiday (or maybe especially?!). In addition to the beer supply, you might want to have a few bottles of vino for another option. To keep the bottles from rattling around or, worse, bang into each other and breaking, cover the bottles with cheap mesh sleeves.

11. Double the clothes space

This camping hack might be something you use at home if you’re short on closet space. Take the tabs off of soft drink or beer cans and slip them over a hanger, this gives you a way to support another hanger. Your RV most likely has little closet space so this way you’ll automatically double the hanging options for your family to store clothes.

12. Not just for the shower

Before you leave on your next holiday, head to the store and collect a couple of those shower caddies with suction cups. These handy devices can suction to the windows and be a great place to store kids’ activity accessories (such as markers, pencils, pens), snacks that won’t melt or various other holiday items (like hair accessories or ear phones).

13. Coffee in a bag

Camping hacks - makeshift coffee filter

Source: scjohnson

Bringing along the coffee maker for making coffee at the campsite might seem like a waste of space. But if you’ve gotta have your morning flat white, then what are you to do? While it’s fun to go out try local coffee spots, you might want your first cup at the campsite or to sip a cup in the evening. Use this camping hack to easily have one cup. Scoop coffee grounds into a filter, and then tie it up with dental floss. Drop it in hot water like a tea bag and just let it steep as you would tea. And in a few minutes, you’ll have your cup of coffee!

14. Can you turn it up?

camping hacks - makeshift ipad speaker

Source: Lifehacker

So you’re on that family holiday, it’s the end of the day and the kids are looking to relax before bedtime. They want to watch a movie on the iPad, so they crowd around it, all trying to hear the same movie. Next time this happens try out this camping hack and see if it makes everyone happy. Grab a plastic cup from your supplies (or if you don’t bring these types of cups when camping, make sure you do this time), and cut a hole in the side to fit the corner of the tablet with a speaker. Then sit back and, literally, listen as the sound amplifies.

15. Never buy bags of ice again

This camping hack isn’t such a new idea or even something just for camping. Avoid buying bags of ice to fill the cooler by freezing water bottles. The great thing about cooling your cooler items this way is that as they unfreeze, the water bottles become beverages! Then you start all over with new water bottles each time. Tip: Pick ones that don’t have paper labels or remove them before freezing to avoid soggy paper during the unfreezing process.

16. Night lights

Camping hacks - glow in the dark strips

Source: rvtravel

Keep yourself or any other members of your family from tripping when they want to climb up into the motorhome during the evening or to head to bed with this camping hack. Add glow-in-the-dark tape (which you can find online at places like this) and make sure you don’t fall.

17. Season storage (and other food “accessories”)

Don’t pack up tons of seasonings, salt and pepper while you’re on holiday. Or worse, don’t plan to purchase any of them you need when you get to your destination. Rather than dragging all the big bottles and cartons of herbs to add some extra taste to your meats and other foods, fill up empty Tic Tac cases with the seasonings (and make sure to label them so you remember which is which!). Or do the same with stackable pill containers.

18. Extra warmth

camping hacks - window insulation

Source: builditsolar

If you and your family opt for a holiday in your RV during the winter months, then this camping hack will be right up your alley. Purchase several rolls of bubble wrap, cut it up to fit the various windows of your motorhome. Spray the windows with a light mist of water, then press the bubble side of the wrap onto the damp windows. While it will obscure the view, the light will still come in and, most importantly, keep the cold out.

19. Keep insects at bay

Pack some lemons for your holiday to utilise this camping hack. When you’re out at your campsite, cut up the lemons and squeeze the juice out. Then rub it on exposed skin to keep ants, fleas and moths away or put a cut up lemon in a dish. Although it won’t discourage mozzies, other insects dislike lemon juice and lemon peel. For a natural mozzie repellent try lemon eucalyptus oil or lemongrass oil which are safe to use on the whole family.

20. Rubbish pick up made easy

Every campsite collects rubbish—whether it’s wrappers, empty food containers (or leftovers of a meal) or even tissues from blowing your nose. But not everyone wants to track off to find the main rubbish bin. So instead, buy one of those laundry baskets that folds down (or up for that matter!) when you’re not using it. Put it up at your campsite, place a rubbish bag in it and, ta-da, you’ve got yourself a rubbish bin!

21. Add some comfort to your tent

Finally, if you have young kids in your family, there’s a chance you already have these set up somewhere in your house. If not, then consider buying a set of the foam floor tiles and using those on the floor of the tent to make it more comfortable to sit in the tent while also adding some extra comfort under your mattresses.

Put these Camping Hacks to the Test at Broken Head

Come stay at the Broken Head Holiday Park where you can not only check out the best camping hacks we’ve compiled for you, but also spend your family holiday in a fun-filled area like Byron Bay. We want you to be able test out these camping hacks and tricks at either our powered or non powered campsites. Simply book, and be ready for an excellent camping holiday that includes not only fun memories, but lots of saved time and effort.

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