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What’s On? Byron Spirit Festival, 20 – 22 March 2015

What’s On? Byron Spirit Festival, 20 – 22 March 2015

Byron Bay is known for its laid-back, creative and yoga-heavy culture around Australia and the world, so the upcoming Byron Spirit Festival, from the 20th to 22nd March, serves as a perfect way to showcase those elements.

The three-day Byron Bay festival will feature yoga, dance, concerts, workshops, kids space and much more. The festival is said to be “a celebration in honor of the liberation of mind, body and spirit,” which lines up perfectly with the holiday mindset.  Come visit the Byron Shire, and take in a day or the whole weekend and find yourself in a more centered place afterward.

Yoga Workshop.

Yoga Workshop. Source: Spirit Festival Facebook

The festival takes place in Mullumbimby, which is only 15 minutes north of Byron Bay’s town centre. The town refers to itself as the “Biggest Little Town in Australia,” and this little town doesn’t disappoint. The vibe of the town makes it a perfect place to highlight the overall spirit of the Byron Shire.

Tickets for one day or the whole weekend are available online. Prices range from $88 for Friday (includes all day and evening) to $238 for the whole weekend. The spirit festival sessions will be held at a variety of venues throughout Mullumbimby, including Byron College, Living Yoga Sangha, St. John’s and Heartspace.

No matter where you stay, it’s easy to get to Mullumbimby for any of the days the Byron Bay festival is going on with the help of the public bus. Or if you’re staying for a longer holiday, then it might make sense to hire a car so you can check out all of what the Byron shire has to offer holiday visitors.

Schedule highlights

The weekend is jam packed with yoga sessions, meditation, dance workshops, music and all kinds of other interesting sessions. The following are just a few of the highlights that this Byron Bay festival offers for visitors.


  • “Dance of the Sacred Masculine”: Men will learn movements that fit your body and instincts, all done to inspired shamanic music.
  • “Didgeridoo Meditation Welcome”: Led by Nathan Kaye, who has been playing the didgeridoo for 23 years, the session will help welcome in the spirit festival goers as they meditate together while listening to the sounds of the didgeridoo.
    Acro Yoga!

    Acro Yoga! Source: Spirit Festival Facebook

  • “Shoulder Therapeutics”: If your shoulder(s) are a source of problems for you, then you might sign up for this session. The focus is on gentle unwinding, simple arm balances and bodywork from Zen Thai Shiatsu.
  • “Saved by Acro Yoga”: This session is all about working together as partners or a group while doing yoga.


  • “Liquid Flow Yoga”: This session features yoga postures that are slow to develop and are a flowing sequence of restorativepositions.
  • “Yoga Chant.Dance”: A merge of three practices will create one interesting session.
  • “Yoni Yoga: Bliss Therapy for Women”: This tantric yoga workshop will provide women with gently guided exercises to increase sensitivity and inner awareness.
  • “Rainbow Kids Community Yoga”: Instead of using individual yoga mats, this session will feature a yoga circle.
  • “Kundalini Dance”: This tantric dance session will provide “ecstatic awakening.”
  • “Tantric Belly dance”: Learn the art of tantric belly dance techniques. Women usually take this practice, but men are welcome to join.
  • “Prana Vinyasa”: A yoga session focused on the Prana Flow® method of Vinyasa yoga.


  • Meditation workshop.

    Meditation workshop. Source: Spirit Festival Facebook

    “Shake your Shakti Superflow”: This yoga session will get you moving as the creative sequences work for both male and female energies.

  • The Love Journey (A Shamanic Dreamtime Journey)”: Through the use of music and breathing technique, Jeremiah Abrams guides people to an altered state to explore emotions toward love.
  • “Slow Dance Jam”: This is a couple’s dance session where slow, improvised dance moves are utilized.
  • “Wisdom Warriors: Strong and Vital after 50”: Experienced yoga practitioners only! And must be over 50 – IDs will be checked! – for this strong yoga session.
  • “Raw Food Talk”: Owner of Byron Bay’s popular Naked Treaties, Jemma Gawned will discuss her decision to quit sugar and refined foods.

Make Broken Head your base for the Byron Spirit Festival

If you’d like to skip the crowds in Mullumbimby over spirit festival weekend, then stay at Broken Head Holiday Park instead. Our tranquil setting will provide a relaxing place to lay your head after your sessions at the Byron Spirit Festival. Plus, with our low season 7th night free package you can now stay longer for cheaper and take in some of Byron Bay’s sights before or after you attend the festival.


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