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8 Ways to Survive Byron Bay Camping With Your Girlfriend

8 Ways to Survive Byron Bay Camping With Your Girlfriend

In our experience, when it comes to heading to Byron Bay for camping, more often than not it’s the bloke who’s doing the cajoling for the pair to spend a weekend away in the wild.

So, if you’re planning to try and persuade your lady friend that yes, she really will love a night under the stars, then read on. We’ve got plenty of ideas on how to ensure Byron Bay camping is so eventful and enjoyable that next time you plan on doing the Bear Grylls bit she’ll be packed before you can even mutter the words ‘bush tucker’ or ‘Broken Head’.

So just how do you achieve that ‘about turn’? Well, for starters you make sure you’ve packed these essentials:

  • Plenty of mosquito spray (nothing is going to make her feel so miserable as a night spent scratching at mosquito bites),
  • A flashlight is always a brilliant idea because it sure gets pitch black in the bush. Some kind of implement to fight off wild animals and intruders is important too – even if it’s never used (well, women worry about these things) and finally,
Loo roll - a camping essential for ladies

Loo roll – a camping essential for ladies

  • Our last essential is loo roll. Let’s face it, if she’s a city girl then there is no way she’s going to go camping without it!

More ways your girlfriend will enjoy camping in Byron Bay

1. Keep it comfy

You may like roughing it by lying flat on a yoga mat under the stars but believe us, she won’t. Consider taking along an air mattress, plenty of blankets and pillows and definitely a tent (the roomiest you can get your hands on).

2. Tent know-how

One way to fall at the first hurdle here is to mess up putting up the said tent. It’s always an idea to practice setting up the tent a couple of times before your Byron Bay holiday. That way you’ll feel more confident and it will avoid arguments before the holiday has even started.

3. Bring seating

There’s nothing more luxurious when you’ve been walking miles and sitting on the ground for hours than a seat – even if it’s a fold-up, it’s still a wonderful back and bottom support.

4. Get some great grub

Bring along some of her favourite fruit, savouries and sweets. It’s easy enough to keep them chilled in an esky, throw in a bottle of wine for good measure, and she’ll be delighted at your thoughtfulness.

5. Ramp up the romance

Ambient lighting is a must. Image by: Arup Malakar

You can’t beat some ambient lighting. Candles would be too dangerous but do hang a strategically placed lamp or two. Make sure there are some romantic tunes on your Spotify playlist to get you in the mood too.

6. Ensure it’s safe

Work out beforehand roughly where you’ll be pitching the tent and find out as much about the environment as you can. Take along some first aid measures too just in case.

7. Take time out to talk

Don’t get too stressed out about creating the best camping environment possible, the reason you’re out there in the first place is to relax and have fun – make sure you do it!

8. Plan fun activities

Camping can be quite an intense experience. You can’t get away from each other because there’s no second room you can stomp off to for some ‘me’ time. Planning some fun Byron Bay activities or having a few romantic ideas up your sleeve will alleviate any tension, and if it all gets too much head into town for a couples massage, together or separately!

Planning on taking your girlfriend on a Byron Bay camping holiday this spring?

Here at Broken Head Holiday Park we have beach campsites both powered and unpowered, ideal if you’re after cheap camping holidays during spring. We also have a range of camp facilities including, camp kitchens, BBQ areas, and free wi-fi within the park and, if staying in a tent becomes too much for her, beach cabins and beach shacks. More importantly, there’s also an ice cream kiosk on site…we hope to see you both soon!

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