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5 Simple Eco Friendly Camping Tips to Reduce Your Family’s Footprint

5 Simple Eco Friendly Camping Tips to Reduce Your Family’s Footprint

Sustainable and eco friendly camping is big news these days. And in an area such as Byron Bay, where there is plenty of unspoiled natural beauty together with stunning marine life and rainforests full of wildlife and birds it’s a topic which should never be taken lightly.

Here at Broken Head Holiday Park we’ve already highlighted eco friendly areas in the region you can enjoy during your stay with us. And now we’re going to add to that by highlighting some eco friendly camping tips, so that the footprint you and your family or friends leave behind is as small as possible – perhaps even non-existent. Not only that but we reckon you’ll have fun adopting them too.

1. Do a digital detox

Having a family camping holiday where you leave all those ‘essential’ gadgets at home is becoming more and more popular these days. Sure, take your mobile phone for emergencies but try eco friendly camping without the iPad, Gameboy and MP3 player. Instead, give your senses a treat by tuning in to the sounds and sights of nature. Read a book or play some board games (don’t forget your solar powered torch – see tip no. 3).

2. Get clever with cooking

Byron Bay camping gives visitors a chance to explore the Byron Bay markets.

Buy local seasonal produce in Byron Bay.

Ever heard of a honey stove? It’s a cute little fold-away camp stove that uses wood for fuel, fits easily into a backpack and will cook up a pot of pasta or boil water for a cup of coffee in minutes.

If caught on the hop you can even cook with a beer can, provided you bring with you a pocket knife and a little pure alcohol!

Buying local produce which is in season will cut back on air miles and other transportation costs. And there’s certainly plenty of natural foodstuffs to choose from in Byron Bay. Think of those brilliant farmer’s markets for a start!

You can cut back on cutlery and dish wastage too by bringing along reusable crockery. Think fold away plastic cups and lightweight plates made from titanium.

And when it comes to getting rid of your food (or at least the stuff you’ve cooked it in such as oil and fat) then simply dig a little hole, fill it with leaves, and pour the liquid into it. Cover with dirt and it’ll bio-degrade on its own.

3. Settle for solar power

The need for a torch or some kind of lantern is pretty much essential for a family camping holiday. But make sure it’s an eco friendly version. Solar lighting really hits the mark here. Leave your lantern out during the day to soak up the sun’s rays then it’ll be ready to use at night for games, reading or just finding your way to the loo!

A solar charger should be sufficient to make sure your mobile phone stays working too and it’s perfectly possible to buy a wind up torch in most Bryon Bay camping outlets.

4. Be natural with your body wash 

Essential oils are excellent for DIY shower wash.

Essential oils are excellent for DIY shower wash.

We don’t mean don’t wash at all, but rather why not make one from natural ingredients before you leave home and decant into a reusable plastic bottle? This way you won’t be pouring toxic chemicals onto the land and threatening both flora and wildlife.

DIY Natural have a yummy concoction for keeping you smelling sweet during an eco friendly camping holiday. Simply mix up the following ingredients, pour it into your plastic bottle and shake vigorously:

  • ⅔ cup liquid castile soap
  • ¼ cup raw, unfiltered honey
  • 2 teaspoons oil – grapeseed, jojoba, sweet almond, sesame, or olive
  • 1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil
  • 50 – 60 drops of your favourite essential oils

5. Seek out second hand equipment 

There is no need to go out and buy brand new state-of-the-art equipment or fancy gadgets when it comes to camping at Broken Head Holiday Park (though we admit it can be tempting to do so). Instead why not recycle some newbie campers’ goods that they’ve only used once or twice? This makes perfect sense we reckon. Plus you’ll save a decent whack of money if you buy camping equipment second hand.

We hope you’ll let us know your own eco-friendly camping tips, so drop us a line on Facebook or in the comments section below. We look forward to seeing you at Broken Head Holiday Park on your next Byron Bay camping trip!