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3 Local Markets To Explore On Your Byron Bay Camping Trip

3 Local Markets To Explore On Your Byron Bay Camping Trip

Byron Bay’s markets are a great way to get a taste of the the local lifestyle, so why not check out a couple during your Byron Bay camping trip? Not only will you get to meet the friendly locals, you’ll be able to pick up cheap fresh fruit and veggies, clothing, jewellery, art and crafts and hear some awesome music.There’s no better way to experience Byron Bay’s creativity and vibrancy, so head along and see for yourself!

1. Byron Bay Market

Considered one of the best in the region, the monthly Byron Bay Market covers several acres and offers a variety of handicrafts, local produce and artworks of all kinds. Book your Byron Bay camping trip to coincide with the first Sunday of the month so you can visit this colourful and lively market. Getting there early is a good idea as there are a fair number of stalls to visit and you’ll need a couple of hours at least. You don’t need to have breakfast before you leave from your Byron Bay camping ground either as there is plenty of healthy, fresh local food to sample. If you have children in tow steer them towards the face painting or candle making stalls, or pop them on one of the rides.

When: First Sunday of each month, 8am – 4pm
Where: Butler Street reserve in Byron Bay

2. Byron Bay Artisan Market

If you’re keen on buying some local artwork, jewellery or clothing, then on Saturday afternoon head along to the Byron Bay Artisan Market from your Byron Bay camping ground. Held weekly during the summer season from 4pm – 9pm, this boutique market showcases the work of talented local artists and craftspeople. You’re free to browse at your leisure or chill out and enjoy some of the local bands in the family friendly atmosphere. Delicious food and drink is plentiful too!

When: Every Saturday, 4pm – 9pm (October through March)
Where: Railway Park, Jonson Street, Byron Bay

3. Byron Bay Farmers Market

Over 70 local farmers and growers in the Byron Bay area participate in the weekly Byron Bay Farmers Market. Held every Thursday morning in the Butler Street reserve this is the place to come if you’re needing a vitamin top-up or real organic coffee. There are all kinds of fresh produce for sale and you’ll also be able to buy:

  • herbs;

  • free range eggs;

  • organic coffee;

  • seedlings and plants;

  • fresh beef and pork;

  • smoked fish;

  • sauces & pickles

  • muffins, cake & bread.

Early risers have best pick of the stalls and car parks, so set off first thing in the morning from your Byron Bay camping ground. You’ll find parking in Butler Street and Somerset Street, or in the carpark behind the Byron Bay Visitor Centre in Jonson Street.

When: Every Thursday, 8am – 11am
Where: Butler Street reserve in Byron Bay

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