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5 Top Byron Bay Restaurants To Tempt Your Tastebuds

5 Top Byron Bay Restaurants To Tempt Your Tastebuds

Byron Bay restaurants offer world class cuisine and a variety of culinary delights that cover just about every international food genre. Here are some of our favourite restaurants you can visit to cover every meal of the day.

1. The Bayleaf Cafe

This hip cafe is by far the most popular spot for any meal of the day in the entire Byron Bay area. Breakfast is a delight with a wide variety of menu items and lunch serves up mouthwatering cuisine. Catch an early dinner either inside or outdoors to complete a day of adventures in Byron Bay. For foodies with dietary requirements, try their gluten and dairy free cupcakes.

2. Fishmongers Byron Bay

Fishmongers is perhaps best known for by the locals and visitors to the area for turning the humble fish and chips dish into a gourmet dish. It has groomed its reputation for serving fresh, fast seafood over the last 15 years since it first opened its doors on the beachfront. You can even order a takeaway to eat in the comfort of your holiday accommodation served in reusable or recyclable containers.

3. St. Elmo Dining Room and Bar

St. Elmo provides Spanish Tapas dishes that are available from noon on weekends and 4pm on weeknights. They are well-known for their extensive wine list that has been hand picked to compliment each of their menu items. The Tapas menu is also ideally suited to order with a traditional or inventive cocktail created by the bar staff.

4. Kinoko Sushi Bar and Restaurant

Traditional Japanese cuisine, innovative sushi and fusion dishes created by professional chefs are the drawcard for guests to Kinoko from far and wide. Set in the heart of Byron Bay, the restaurant has a clean and contemporary look creating an inviting atmosphere and feel. This is a must-visit among the Byron Bay restaurants to sate your need for great Asian flavours.

5. Italian at the Pacific

What would a top list of Byron Bay restaurants be without mentioning an Italian offering? Italian at the Pacific is set directly across from the main beach and is popular for serving generous portion of hearty Italian cuisine seven nights a week. The specials are created weekly by the chef from local produce that is in season at specific times of the year.

Most of these top Byron Bay restaurants will be happy to provide takeaways for you to enjoy at your Byron Bay accommodations.