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3 Reasons Why Gramping Is The New Rage in Family Holidays

3 Reasons Why Gramping Is The New Rage in Family Holidays

Everyone knows Aussies love the great outdoors but camping holidays aren’t solely reserved for the young. Many older people love going camping too, which is why the term ‘gramping’ has been coined. Gramping – grandparents, parents and children camping together – is becoming an increasingly popular way for families to spend their holidays. We’re all about celebrating family time here at Broken Head Holiday Park, so we’ve collated a few good reasons why you should choose Broken Head accommodation for your next family grampout.

1. An affordable holiday option

Not everyone can afford to jet off overseas for a summer holiday, and let’s face it a multi-generational holiday is an expensive exercise. A cheaper alternative is to stay in a camping ground which has a range of facilities to keep everyone happy. Not only is Broken Head accommodation affordable, our facilities include:

  • a refurbished camp kitchen;

  • two new BBQs;

  • laundry facilities;

  • a well-stocked kiosk;

  • activity & tour information.

The holiday park is also conveniently located next to children’s playground and within walking distance of Broken Head Beach, a beautiful unspoiled spot for a holiday, well we think so!

2. Plenty to see and do in Byron Bay

The last thing you want to do is go on holiday and be bored out of your tree within the first day. Our Broken Head accommodation is close to Byron Bay which is a region bursting with activities. It offers plenty of chances for grandparents to spend quality time with grandchildren, and for parents to have a well-earned breather. For events, national parks, restaurants and more check out these local activities.

3. Create new memories

Time is precious and even more so when you get older. Give grandparents the chance to touch base with grandchildren and create new memories to cherish. The younger generation will enjoy hearing how it was done in the old days, and there’s learning to be had the other way as well, with kids able to teach the older generation a thing or two about technology.

Whether you decide to stay in cabins, use your own caravan or pitch a tent for your grampout, we’ve got Broken Head accommodation to suit your family’s needs. Feel free to contact us today to find out more!


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