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18 Unusual Christmas Camping Gifts

18 Unusual Christmas Camping Gifts

Have you found yourself wandering through store aisles, feeling utterly lost about what to get your camping-obsessed friend or partner for Christmas? Sure, you could go with the tried-and-true camping gear, but where’s the fun in that? This festive season, it’s time to step outside the box with unusual Christmas gifts for campers.

Think about the look of surprise and delight as they unwrap something totally unexpected, something that screams, ‘I get your love for the great outdoors.’ We’re talking about gifts that add a dash of whimsy, a touch of innovation, and a whole lot of ‘Wow, I didn’t even know I needed this!’ to their camping arsenal. Read on to discover unusual and exciting camping gift ideas that are sure to delight the campers in your life.

1. USB Rechargeable Light

Image source: Snowys

Gift your camping-loving friend a USB rechargeable light that brightens up a tent and keeps phones charged during camping trips. This innovative lantern, like the one available at Snowys, offers varying light modes—low, medium, and high—to suit every outdoor need. With its powerful 3.7V, 6000mAh Lithium-Ion battery, rechargeable via USB, it’s practicality and convenience rolled into one.

Its ability to double as a battery pack makes it even more special. It bathes your recipient’s tent in a warm yellow light, thoughtfully designed to reduce mosquito attraction. They can effortlessly hang it with its reflective cable and hook, and the soft-touch, glow-in-the-dark diffuser makes it easy to locate in the dark.

2. A Satellite Communicator

Image source: Wild Earth

A satellite communicator is the perfect gadget for those who venture into remote areas where cell service is a distant memory. This device ensures they stay connected, offering peace of mind for both them and you.

With the ability to send messages, share trip details, and even send an SOS in emergencies, it’s a lifeline to the outside world. The satellite communicator is a thoughtful gift that speaks volumes about your care for your loved one’s safety and enjoyment on their wilderness adventures.

3. Personal Water Filter Straw

Image source: BCF

This compact, portable water purifier is a game-changer for outdoor adventures, ensuring access to safe drinking water anywhere. It removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria, including threats like typhoid, cholera, and E. coli, from any water source. Using it is as simple as using a straw—just dip it into the water and drink.

The two-stage filtration system guarantees clean water with every sip. It can filter up to 3,000 litres before needing replacement. You can get it from Amazon or Australian outdoor sites like BCF.

4. Wilderness Wipes

Image source: Wild Earth

Wilderness Wipes will ensure your camp-loving friends can stay refreshed and comfortable, no matter how remote their adventure. These wipes are perfect when a shower isn’t within reach, but staying clean and fresh is still a priority.

The wipes are large, durable, extra thick, and gentle on the skin while being tough on dirt and grime. Since they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, they are kind to the skin and nature.

5. A Thermal Blanket

Image source: Tentworld

Gift a thermal emergency blanket to your camping-loving friend, partner, or relative this Christmas and add a layer of safety to their outdoor adventures. This lightweight and compact blanket reflects over 90% of radiated body heat, making it essential for sudden weather changes or accidents.

Its heavy-duty aluminium foil and polyethylene backing make it a robust barrier against harsh elements, offering protection from wind, rain, and cold ground. You can order one from Tentworld to ensure the recipient has a safeguard for their outdoor escapades.

6. Insect Bite Healer

Image source: Tentworld

Surprise your camping-loving friend this Christmas with an innovative insect bite healer available on Amazon and sites like Tentworld. This handy tool offers immediate relief from the itching and swelling caused by insect bites.

It uses heat to speed up the healing process and is effective against bites from mosquitos, wasps, bugs, and bees. What’s more, it’s completely chemical-free and safe for everyone, making it a great alternative to traditional bug bite creams or sprays. 

7. A Magnetic Key Box

Image source: Koala Outdoor

Did your cousin ever tell you about the time they lost their keys on a camping trip? Help them avoid such mishaps by gifting them a magnetic key box. This small but incredibly useful device offers a secure and hidden place to store keys while they’re out exploring.

The strong magnet ensures it attaches firmly to any metal surface, like under a car or caravan, making it an ideal solution for safely stowing spare keys. It’s especially handy for those who enjoy water sports, hiking, or any activity where carrying keys is impractical.

8. Folding Dog Bed

Image source: Tentworld

For the camping enthusiast who never leaves their furry friend behind, consider gifting a folding dog bed this Christmas. This unique and practical gift offers the perfect blend of convenience and comfort for their canine companion. It’s designed to be lightweight and portable and easily folds up for transportation, making it ideal for camping trips.

The bed provides a cosy and familiar spot for dogs to rest, whether at the campsite, on the beach, or during a picnic. Besides being durable and easy to clean, it stands up to outdoor conditions while ensuring the pet stays comfortable and off the ground.

9. Survival Bracelet

This Christmas, give the gift of preparedness to the camping enthusiast in your life with a 5-in-1 emergency survival bracelet. This tactical accessory is more than just a bracelet; it’s a compact survival kit worn on the wrist.

It’s equipped with a fire flint starter, a 100dB whistle for emergencies, a reliable compass, a mini saw, and 12 feet of military-grade paracord, making it the ultimate tool for any outdoor situation. It’s adjustable to fit wrists from 7’’ to 9.5’’, so it’s suitable for everyone, from kids to adults. The parachute cord is versatile, useful for creating shelters, rafts, or even splints, and can bear up to 550lb. 

10. Waterproof Playing Cards

Image source: Anaconda

Waterproof playing cards bring an added layer of fun to any camping trip, rain or shine. Since they are crafted to withstand the elements, they’re perfect for playing by the lakeside, during a rainy day in the tent, or in the humid conditions of a morning dew. 

Unlike regular cards, these won’t warp or get ruined if they get wet, ensuring endless hours of entertainment. Whether for a game of poker under the stars or a family game of Go Fish beside the campfire, these durable cards will provide joy and laughter, making them a thoughtful and unique Christmas gift for your outdoorsy loved ones.

11. Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Image source: On Track Outdoor

This innovative gift combines comfort and practicality, ensuring peaceful sleep under the stars. This hammock is compact and light, fitting easily into its carrying bag for travel. When opened, it offers a spacious and comfy bed, almost as big as a queen-size.

The best part is that it comes with a mosquito net, ensuring the recipient enjoys a bite-free night outdoors. If they want a lazy afternoon nap, they can simply flip it to use as a regular hammock. It’s made from strong parachute nylon and is able to hold up to 200kg, making it perfect for any camping trip.

12. Hand-Crank Espresso Maker

Image source: Amazon

For the coffee-loving camper in your life, consider the hand-crank espresso maker as an unusual and thoughtful Christmas gift. This nifty gadget is perfect for brewing a rich, delicious espresso, even in the middle of the wilderness. It doesn’t need electricity or batteries—just some elbow grease.

Its hand-crank mechanism is simple and efficient, turning a few scoops of coffee and hot water into a splendid cup of espresso. It’s an ideal gift for those who wouldn’t dream of starting their day without a quality coffee, even when they’re miles away from the nearest café.

13. Portable Shower

Image source: Tentworld

We all know camping can be fun, but it can also be quite dirty. This portable shower is designed with a compact, free-flowing rose that adjusts smoothly from off to full flow with an easy twist.

Once the recipient fills it with water, they can roll it closed and hang it up using the sturdy Delrin D-rings and the 6-meter cord provided. The contoured shower head ensures an even spray, and the simple twist mechanism allows for effortless flow control.

14. Campfire BBQ Tool & Cutlery Set

Image source: Tentworld

This campfire BBQ tool and cutlery set is perfect for those who enjoy grilling while camping. The comprehensive set includes everything needed for a successful BBQ, all crafted from high-quality stainless steel with sturdy wood handles for comfortable use. It features a slotted turner and clamhead tongs for effortless grilling, six forks and steak knives for dining, and four skewers for kebabs or marshmallows.

There’s also a serving spoon, a carving fork, and a knife for precise serving and slicing. A bottle opener with a corkscrew is included for easy opening of beverages.

15. A Dust Off Mat

Image source: Snowys

A dust off mat is a practical and often overlooked accessory for any outdoor enthusiast. When camping, keeping the inside of a tent or caravan clean can be a challenge, especially in dusty or muddy environments. This mat serves as a first line of defence, effectively removing and trapping dirt, sand, and dust from shoes before entering.

It’s durable, easy to clean, and designed to withstand outdoor elements. Since it’s lightweight and portable, it can easily be rolled up and carried along on any trip to maintain cleanliness and comfort in the outdoor living space.

16. A Tent Peg Bag

Image source: Snowys

When setting up or packing down a campsite, keeping track of tent pegs can be a hassle. A dedicated tent peg bag solves this problem.

It’s a small, but significant way to keep pegs organised, easily accessible, and protected from the elements. Most of these bags are made from durable material, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear. This gift shows your consideration for their camping convenience and organisation, making their outdoor adventures more streamlined and enjoyable.

17. Protective Leather Gloves

Image source: Campfire Cook

Spice up your gift game with a pair of campfire protective leather gloves—the ultimate sidekick for any campfire chef or backyard BBQ master. These aren’t just any gloves; they’re like the superhero cape for hands!

They are crafted from natural leather, known for its tough and heat-protective properties, ensuring durability and a secure grip for safely manipulating hot objects. The secure grip means no more “whoops” moments with hot pots, and the internal lining provides extra insulation.

18. A Camp Oven

Image source: Camping Australia

This holiday season, spice up your gift-giving with a camp oven, perfect for the outdoor cooking aficionado in your life. This isn’t just any oven; it’s a ticket to gourmet meals under the stars. Whether it’s baking fresh bread, stewing a hearty chilli, or even roasting a chicken, this oven brings the comforts of the kitchen to the campsite.

Made for the rugged outdoors, it retains heat superbly, ensuring evenly cooked meals every time. It’s also compact and portable, ensuring it fits easily into camping gear, making it a breeze to bring along on any adventure.

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And there you have it—a treasure trove of unique camping gifts, each with its own charm and utility, ready to elevate the outdoor experiences of your adventurous loved ones. These gifts are not just items; they’re companions for memorable escapades under the stars.

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