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7 Easy Camping Food Preparation Tips for Groups

7 Easy Camping Food Preparation Tips for Groups

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure into the great outdoors with your favourite group of people? Get excited, because we’re about to share 7 super easy and delicious camping food preparation tips that will make your life so much simpler! 

Feeding the troops: 7 tips for preparing camping meals for a crowd

Feeding more than just you and a guest can be hard when it comes to camping. From planning to prepping, it’s just not as simple as it would be at home. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to having a much smoother camping experience!

1. Plan ahead and keep it simple

When it comes to cooking for a group, planning is essential. Before embarking on your camping trip, create a meal plan that includes easy-to-prepare dishes with minimal ingredients. 

Stick to tried and true crowd-pleasers, like hot dogs, hamburgers, and foil packet meals. Don’t forget to consider dietary restrictions and preferences! Additionally, assign meal responsibilities to different members of your group to distribute the workload and make the process more enjoyable.

2. Pre-prep as much as possible

Save time and energy at the campsite by prepping ingredients beforehand. Chop vegetables, marinate meats, and even cook some items, like pasta, at home. Store everything in airtight containers or zip-top bags for easy transport and use. 

Pre-packaged or individually wrapped condiments, like tomato sauce, mustard, and mayo, can save space and reduce waste. And don’t forget to freeze water bottles or gel packs to keep perishables cold during transportation. But, keep in mind, the lower waste the better!

3. Utilise one-pot meals

One-pot meals are a camping crowd’s best friend. These dishes are not only filling but also minimise the number of pots and pans needed, making clean-up a breeze. Experiment with different recipes and flavours, and don’t hesitate to use your favourite pre-made spice mixes to elevate your one-pot creations.

One Pot PastaVegetarian Camping Food Idea

4. Go for DIY cooking stations

Set up DIY cooking stations like a taco bar, sandwich-making station, or baked potato bar. This way, everyone can customise their meal to their liking, and it takes the pressure off one person to cook everything. 

Plus, it’s a fun and interactive way to enjoy mealtime together! You can also introduce a s’mores station or a build-your-own dessert bar for a sweet treat after dinner.

5. Don’t skimp on snacks

Keep the hunger at bay between meals by providing plenty of snacks. Trail mix, muesli bars, fruit, and veggie sticks are all excellent options that don’t require refrigeration. Encourage your fellow campers to bring their favourite munchies as well to ensure there’s something for everyone.

Pre-cut veggies with hummus or peanut butter are healthy options that can keep everyone satisfied until the next meal.

6. Cook in batches and use leftovers wisely

Cooking in large batches can save time and effort when feeding a crowd. Leftovers can be repurposed for the next meal, like turning last night’s grilled chicken into chicken salad sandwiches for lunch.

Get creative with your leftovers, and you’ll not only reduce waste but also surprise your fellow campers with unique and tasty dishes.

7. Plan daily menus

To keep your camping meals organised and stress-free, map out daily menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This will help you ensure variety in your meals and take into account the needs of the group. When planning daily menus, consider the following:

a. Balance nutrients: Incorporate a mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats to provide the energy and sustenance your group needs for outdoor activities. For example, include oatmeal, eggs, and fruit for breakfast, sandwiches or wraps with lean protein for lunch, and grilled vegetables with a protein source for dinner.

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats Vegetarian Camping Food Idea

b. Account for cooking time: Some days might be busier than others, so plan for quick and easy meals when you know you’ll be spending more time hiking or exploring. Save more time-intensive recipes for leisurely days around the campsite. Bringing your own camp oven or using on-site BBQs will make all the difference!

c. Be mindful of perishables: Plan to use perishable items, like fresh meats and dairy products, earlier in the trip. Reserve non-perishable and shelf-stable items, such as canned goods, pasta, and rice, for the latter part of your journey.

Delicious and easy camping breakfast ideas for large groups

Whipping up satisfying and delicious breakfasts for a large group during a camping trip can be a breeze with these creative ideas. Don’t forget these camping hacks for large families!

Campfire breakfast burritos: Prepare scrambled eggs, sautéed onions and peppers, cooked bacon or sausage, and shredded cheese. Set up a DIY burrito station with tortillas and allow everyone to build their own breakfast burritos.

Pancake bar: Mix up a large batch of pancake batter and cook pancakes on a camp stove. Set up a toppings bar with items like fruit, syrup, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and nuts, so everyone can customise their stack.

Omelette-in-a-bag: Have each camper crack a couple of eggs into a heavy-duty zip-top bag, add their choice of diced vegetables, cheese, and cooked meats, then seal the bag and squish the ingredients together. Boil a large pot of water and cook the omelette bags for 10-12 minutes until fully cooked. Voila! Personalised omelettes with minimal cleanup.

Yogurt parfait bar: Set up a yogurt parfait station with large containers of yogurt, muesli, and an assortment of fresh or dried fruit. Each camper can create their own parfait to their liking, making it a healthy and customisable breakfast option.

BBQ bagels: Toast bagels on BBQ grill. Offer a variety of spreads like cream cheese, peanut butter, and jam, along with toppings like sliced fruits, nuts, and seeds for a quick and hearty breakfast.

Overnight oats: Prepare individual servings of overnight oats the night before by mixing rolled oats with milk or yogurt, sweetener, and desired add-ins like fruit, nuts, or seeds. Store the oats in jars or containers and let them sit overnight. In the morning, everyone can grab their own jar of ready-to-eat, nutritious oats.

With these camping breakfast ideas, you’ll be able to fuel your group for a day of adventure and fun without sacrificing taste or convenience.

Some final thoughts

Preparing delicious and satisfying meals for a large group while camping doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little planning, creativity, and the right recipes, you can easily cater to your fellow campers’ appetites while enjoying the great outdoors at Broken Head Holiday Park. 

From planning daily menus and prepping ingredients beforehand to setting up DIY cooking stations and embracing one-pot meals, these tips and ideas will help ensure that everyone stays well-fed and happy throughout the trip.

Now you’ve got your meal prep sorted, be sure to book your accommodation for your group stay. Happy camping and bon appétit!

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