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Byron Bay Mind and Body Activities to Boost Your Energy Levels

Byron Bay Mind and Body Activities to Boost Your Energy Levels

Whilst on holiday we often aim to fit in as many things as possible, forgetting to listen to what our body is telling us. We think your vacay should be your escape, your relaxing time, so we’ve put together some Byron Bay activities for mind and body so you can feel recharged. Which of these mind and body activities sounds like the right fit for you?

Flo Fenton’s In Touch Yoga

This Byron Bay activity will help you stay on top of things. Flo Fenton’s In Touch Yoga calms your mind and heals your body while helping you get your life back in balance. You can make a short break in your travel schedule by joining the weekly yoga class or take a private lesson.

She also organises a Byron Bay yoga retreat and workshop throughout the year so check what suits you best. Due to Covid-19 circumstances Flo has started giving a couple of online lessons through the week, with an in-person lesson on Saturdays at Suffolk Park Hall, not far from Broken Head. She teaches traditional hatha/vinyasa yoga, as well as breathing and meditation techniques.

Awaken Meditation Retreats

Hosted by Karen Wilson, a life coach and author of ‘7 Illusions’, ‘Meditation Workout: 30 days/ 30 meditations’ and ‘Awaken: Mindfulness Musings for the Soul, Awaken Meditation Retreats will enable you to reconnect your true self, and there are a few options to try:

  • Hourly meditation sessions
  • Unique two hour mindfulness workshop
  • Half a day mindfulness escape

Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens

Witness the breathtaking beauty of the Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens while soothing your mind and body.

Their suggested day plan includes a walk through the Labyrinth or Damanhur stone spiral that wakes up curiosity and exploring the tranquil rainforest. You can sit inside an ancient crystal cave and visit the peace room, decorated with inspiring paintings and crystals. To make this Crystal experience even more immersive, you may like to join a workshop or guided meditation. They also sell fantastic crystal jewellery from all around the world and you can buy your own healing crystals here.

Buddha Gardens Balinese Day Spa

Find peace of mind in the calming treatments and relaxing pools of the Buddha Gardens Balinese Day Spa.

They offer massages that are based on your specific needs but also complimentary use of the magnificent garden area. If you feel like taking a short swim you can enjoy the comfort of their heated plunge pool at any time. Spa journeys last from 90 minutes to 3 hours.

Some of their fabulous treatments include:

  • Body rituals inspired by West and Eastern cultures
  • Beauty and relaxing facial rituals
  • USPA hand and foot therapies

They say nothing gets the toxins out like a good warm sauna. And you can find that here, too. Steam or dry? It’s your choice! Don’t forget to sip a cup of their famous herbal tea to feel completely refreshed as you relax in the garden after a treatment.

Drink in the beautiful Broken Head surrounds

What’s more relaxing than camping out in nature? At Broken Head Holiday Park our unique beachfront campsite has a wide range of accommodation options and campsite facilities, including a camp kiosk, amenities block and BBQs. Check out our Byron Bay accommodation and be sure to try a few of these activities for a refreshing getaway.

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