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5 National Parks To Explore From Our Byron Bay Holiday Park

5 National Parks To Explore From Our Byron Bay Holiday Park

With five different National Parks in just one area, there are few places where it’s easier to enjoy the great outdoors than our Byron Bay holiday park. At this diverse holiday destination, you have four different types of Broken Head accommodation options.

For guests who are looking for a little comfort during their stay, the two bedroom Beach House or one of the Beach Shacks are the ideal choice. The house and each shack contains a kitchenette so that you can dine in comfort and includes en-suite bathrooms. The Beach Cabins also offer en-suite bathrooms and are perfect for couples or small families who prefer to barbeque or eat out during their stay at our Byron Bay holiday park.

Camping enthusiasts will be impressed by the facilities and amenities that are available at the Byron Bay holiday park. You can opt to set up camp at a site in traditional style, or reserve a site that provides you with the luxury of electricity. Caravanners are more than welcome at either the powered or unpowered camping sites while they spend their days at one or more of the five National Parks.

1. Bundjalung National Park

For a truly inspiring visit to this National Park it is recommended that you take the time to do the Aboriginal Heritage Tour. Delve into the heritage of an ancient landscape, people and traditional way of living.

With over 140 different animal species, you are sure to see some wildlife and should keep your eyes peeled for Kangaroos, Wallabies and a variety of different birds. You may even be lucky enough to spot a Koala asleep in the treetops.

Bundjalung National Park is accessible by car and is not far from our Byron Bay holiday park.

2. Border Ranges National Park

This National Park has been declared a World Heritage Site and is well known for its stunning waterfalls set in the surrounding Godwana Rainforest. You can choose to take a leisurely drive through the park or set out on foot on one of the different walking trails.

Although the Border Ranges National Park is set further inland off the coastline, it is still just a pleasant drive from your selected Broken Head accommodations.

3. Mt. Warning National Park

Otherwise known as the Wollumbin National Park, this location also has the proud honour of being named a World Heritage site. The remnants of a once live Volcano is definitely the highlight in this National Park and can be spotted from the Cape Byron Lighthouse just around the corner from our Byron Bay holiday park.

4. Nightcap National Park

The Nightcap National Park is a sanctuary for a wide variety of native fauna and flora. A fascinating fact about the park is that a new species of Oak tree was recently discovered there and named after the park.

Just like the above-mentioned National Parks, it is just a short trip from our Byron Bay holiday park.

5. Cape Byron Marine Park

Although this is the last park mentioned on this list, it is by far the most diverse and interesting. The park encompasses 22,000 hectares of coastline and is home to countless species of birds, wildlife and sea creatures.

Unlike most National Parks, the Cape Byron Marine Park incorporates recreational and even commercial activities for visitors. This means that you can catch fish, scuba or snorkel, go out in a boat or indulge in a number of other interesting things to do. However, you must be aware that there are some areas that have been zoned specifically as sanctuaries where you will not be able to take part in most of these activities.

So what are you waiting for? Make your reservation for great accommodation at our Byron Bay holiday park and get to visit one or more of these fabulous National Parks.

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