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We Love These Cool Campervans Because…

We Love These Cool Campervans Because…

Sometimes it’s just fun to check out all the cool, outrageous ways that people or companies decide to trick out campervans. Because who wouldn’t want to relax in a rain shower after a long day of hiking? (Actually, who wouldn’t want a rain shower at home?!) Or perhaps you just want to look at the ways people fix up the interior of a van that might spark some updating on your own campervan. We’ve put together everything, from downright over the top, to just plain fun, so enjoy this selection of cool campervans and let your mind dream up all the possibilities!

1. Mansion on Wheels

Source: Marchi Mobile

Well, let’s just start with the over the top, costing more than $2 million, this crazy amenities motorhome is by from Austrian company Marchi Mobile. Dubbed the eleMMent palazzo, this drivable castle comes with a rooftop terrace, a master bedroom with a 40-inch television and rainfall shower with separate toilet. But that’s just the start of the features. With that much luxurious living to be had on the road, who ever needs to go home?

2. Retro Ride

Source: Holy Kaw

Back to a more attainable campervan, this 1967 VW SO 42 Westfalia Campmobile was completely restored by its British owner. There’s a cute raised roof, an ice box (not a mini fridge, mind you) and a comfortable space for a bed. No automatic driving for this baby, you’ll have to learn how to handle the clutch. There’s a small table, perfect for you and your significant other or bestie to nosh on breakfast when you’re out camping.

3. Green Machine

Source: Earthroamer

This is one campervan you and any enviro-conscious feelings you have about driving a large petrol-guzzling van around can support. Fueled by diesel, The EarthRoamer XV-LT features a solar-powered living space. (So make sure you head somewhere with lots of sunshine—we suggest Byron Bay!) This cool—and green!—campervan sleeps four to six people and has a heated bathroom with a water conserving shower and cassette toilet.

4. Compact Quarters

Photo courtesy of

Source: innovan

If you and your mate want a little of life’s luxuries on a camping holiday without driving a big van, then check the slide-on camper from Innovan, made by a Queensland native. Built for aerodynamics and to withstand going through rough terrain, the Innovan features two single beds, a table, small gas stove, sink and storage units behind each seat. It even has power inside this cool camper where you could convert a 12-volt to a 240-volt so you could use a computer or TV. As long you don’t have any issues with claustrophobia, then this could be a great camper for you!

5. Ready for an Adventure


Source: Sportsmobile

If you love sea kayaking and mountain biking, surfing and hiking, this campervan will suit your needs. You can go off roading with this car easily and then hop onto city streets later in the day. The Sportsmobile company will convert your van into this campervan where you can sleep in your van comfortably—rather than just throwing a mattress down. It’ll even include a fridge and other great amenities when you let this company take over conversion of your vehicle. Plus, it’ll carry all your gear for outdoor sports fun!

6. Benz Stylin’

Source: Gizmag

This unique campervan, based on a larger Mercedes Benz van, features a high top roof, beds and even a toilet. You can even take a hot shower in this campervan. It is large enough that you almost feel like you have two rooms inside but are still driving a car. Perfect for a couple looking for a non-tent camping experience. Start planning your next road trip after you pick up one of these classy campers!

7. Double Down

Source: Doubleback

Imagine touching a button and your campervan’s interior space suddenly doubles. It’s not just something you’ll only see in a movie. The T5 Doubleback converts from a regular campervan into a 26-foot home on wheels. A basic version still contains built-in cooker, fridge and a lifting roof, but if you want to add on all the bells and whistles, you’ll receive a flatscreen TV, DVD player, beds in the roof and an awning. Imagine pulling up to your next camping site in this classy camper, and watch all the nearby campers’ surprise when you extend out your living space!

8. Flower Power

While there might not be any super fun features on the interior to make your camping stay extra special, this VW Kombi campervan brings the cool—the 1960s peace and love vibe. Who knows why this owner decided to invest hours and hours into painting the van, but the result is super fun. And plus, it just goes ahead and says it all with the word “Hippies” painted on the side. Embrace what you love, right?

9. Upgrade to First Class

Source: JOBL Design

The base for this campervan is a VW T5 SWB Highline chassis, but then the company Jobl Design takes that base and turns it from a coach version to a first-class experience. The pop-up roof allows for up to four to sleep in this cool camper, a burner/sink unit and a grill, hot water heater and fresh water storage under vehicle and much more. There’s even a space heater so the car engine doesn’t have to be running for heat!

10. For the Rich and Famous

Source: Fancy

We couldn’t pass up one more amazing, just too crazy and indulgent to be real campervan, which really is more of a motorhome. The hidden garage that allows you to stow away your car—obviously a very expensive sports car, right?—is enough to add this coolest list. However, you’ll also find yourself in the lap of luxury inside the Volkner Mobil Performance Bus. Only issue is you’ll need to cash out your trust fund to travel in this much style as it retails for about $1.8 million.

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