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Our Top 10 Byron Bay Activities & Tours

Our Top 10 Byron Bay Activities & Tours

Broken Head Holiday Park’s coastal location makes it a fantastic location for water-borne Byron Bay activities and tours. But the green hinterland which surrounds Broken Head also makes it an excellent choice if you want to explore the terra firma and embark on one of the land-based Byron Bay activities or tours.

From the iconic Mount Warning sunrise walk, to exploring rainforests and mangroves, it’s clear there are Byron Bay activities for all tastes and levels of experience.

Whale and dolphin spotting, mountain biking, hot air ballooning or horse riding through the Pacific surf – the options for fun are endless, whether you prefer to enjoy your adventures on land, sea or air.

Here we highlight ten of our favourite Byron Bay activities and tours that we believe will create life-long memories when you stay at Broken Head Holiday Park.

1. Dolphin Dreaming with the Arakwal People

Dolphins are a fabulous feature of Byron Bay

Dolphins are a fabulous feature of Byron Bay

Dolphins are among the most important totems of the Arakwal aboriginal people who are your hosts at Broken Head Holiday Park and an understanding of Arakwal culture and the significance of dolphins is the perfect introduction to the area and will enrich both your understanding and your holiday. Why not start your break at Broken Head by joining the Dolphin Dreaming programme offered by the Arakwal People of Byron Bay organisation?

Arakwal Aboriginal guides will teach you about their people through stories, dance, creative expression and traditional ceremonies. You will come away with an understanding of the significance of the sea and land to this ancient people as well as the importance of enchanting dolphins which inhabit the waters of the Byron Bay area. This program will enrich your understanding of this area in a way none of the other Byron Bay activities can and give you a fascinating insight into the people who have inhabited these lands for 22,000 years.

2. Byron Bay Dolphin Wildlife Tours

Now that you understand the significance of dolphins to the Arakwal people who operate Broken Head Holiday Park, why not go and see some? Byron Bay is renowned for its large inshore bottle-nose dolphin population. Check out Byron Bay Dolphin Wildlife Tours which operates four sea tours daily, each lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes. The fully-guided dolphin tours have a maximum of 12 guests on board, offering your a personalised trip on the Pacific Ocean.

With a little luck, the boat’s hydrophone will enable you to hear the dolphins communicating with each other and on occasion one of the curious common dolphins which also hang out off Byron Bay might approach the boat to check you out. And it’s not just dolphins which you are likely to see.

Between May and December humpback whales are often spotted just a few hundred metres off the coast of Cape Byron as they migrate from their summer feeding grounds in Antarctica and head north to their winter breeding grounds in the tropical waters of the Southern Hemisphere. And all year round you have the chance to spot giant loggerhead, hawks-bill and green turtles and any number of the 600 different species of fish which have been recorded in this area.

The tours also take in the famous Julian Rocks which are home to a myriad of sea birds. Dolphin Wildlife Tours provide you with boat jackets, refreshments, sun block, binoculars and under-water viewing equipment, so you can hop on board even if you have come to Broken Head Holiday Park unequipped. Pre-booking is essential and remember that passengers meet 30 minutes prior to departure.

Sea Kayaking for all ages at Byron Beach

Sea Kayaking for all ages at Byron Beach

3. Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay

The beach front setting of Broken Head Holiday Park is sure to inspire your inner explorer. And if you want an even more adventurous experience up close with the dolphins, turtles and whales then Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay is the Byron Bay activity for you.

Jump on board one of their sit-on-top kayaks and take a three hour paddle around Byron Bay Marine Park which gives you the chance to get breathtakingly close to the resident dolphin population. From May to December there is a good chance of spotting migrating humpbacked whales – according to Go Sea Kayak, the most curious might even swim under your kayak!

The tours also provide free snorkelling gear which will allow you to jump overboard and get an even closer look at this beautiful aquatic environment. Go Sea Kayak also offers a range of premium package deals available to book online only, ranging from kayak plus surf lessons to kayak plus cocktails!

Go Sea Kayak’s website highlights that the activity tour operator is owned by Local Surf Life Savers, which they say ensures excellent safety standards. And if you don’t see a dolphin you can paddle again for free – guaranteed.

4. Rainforest Adventure Tour with Mountain Bike Tours

Mountain biking along Byron Bay's beautiful beaches

Mountain biking along Byron Bay’s beautiful beaches

The coastal setting may be what attracted you to Broken Head Holiday Park but the ocean is just one facet of this diverse area and the rainforests of the hinterland are a co-environment not to be missed. The Rainforest Adventure Tour offered by Mountain Bike Tours is the perfect way to discover as much of the lush, sub-tropical rainforest as possible in a single excursion.

The bike trail can change daily but generally offers rides through fire trails, back country single tracks and log jumps of the Nightcap National Park. It also starts at the stunning Minyon Falls, another natural feature not to be missed.

Keep an eye out for bush turkeys, goannas and, if you are lucky, you might even spot a koala hanging out in the trees. This fascinating Byron Bay activity also offers mountain bike tours along the coast, if you are unable to drag yourself away from the Pacific Ocean.

5. Byron Bay Eco Cruises and Kayaks

If some of your possie are less water confident than others, this may be the Byron Bay activity for you. Byron Bay Eco Cruises and Kayaks focus on the Brunswick River, at Brunswick Head, which is part of the Byron Bay Marine Park.

Their Scenic Eco Cruise lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes and will transport you along the waterways of the Brunswick, whose mangroves will give you a fantastic opportunity to see forest bird life at close quarters. If some of you fancy a go at kayaking, try the 3 hour Eco Cruise and Kayak Tour – a cruise which allows those who want to kayak to jump overboard for an hour, while those who prefer not to stay on board the cruise boat. But if you want to explore the water ways under your own power, enquire about the three hour eco guided kayak tours.

The boat does not have wheelchair access but is accessible to people with walkers with assistance. All the tours offer refreshments and cultural insights, but the reviews of the delicious cakes and coffee on some of the excursions might be a deciding factor for you.

En-route to the summit of Mount Warning

En-route to the summit of Mount Warning

6. Mount Warning Sunrise Walk Tour

Standing 1156 metres tall, Mount Warning dominates the hinterland landscape of Byron Bay. Because this redundant volcano dominates Byron Bay, the most easterly part of Australia, this is the place that dawn sunlight first hits mainland Australia. This helps make the Mount Warning Sunrise Walk Tour one of the most romantic and escapist Byron Bay tours.

This is an overnight adventure which starts off at a base camp at the foot of Mount Warning National Park where you can enjoy a dip in a rock pool or take in the scenery. Spend the evening around a camp fire before falling asleep under the stars in your tent – or there are cabins, if you prefer.

Next morning climb Mount Warning at dawn, on a self-guided tour which will take you a through subtropical World Heritage Site listed rainforest. Byron Bay Adventure Tours say that most fitness levels can manage the ascent, thanks to the zig-zag paths which make for a gentle gradient. The last stretch is steep – but a chain on the rock-face will help you reach the summit and will give an adventurous ending to a walk you will never forget. If you do not want to camp out overnight, there is also an afternoon walk available, but the 360º views from the summit of Mount Warning at break of dawn take some beating.

7. Byron Bay Microlights

Imagine the exhilaration at flying up to 2,500 feet over the Pacific Ocean at 90 kilometres per hour spotting humpback whales as you go. Or taking the controls of an open cock-pit aircraft as dolphins frolic in the surf below. Byron Bay Microlights offers flights for both novices and experienced microlight enthusiasts and a way to experience the Pacific Ocean which you will never forget.

Flights can take in Tallow Beach, Mount Warning or the iconic landmark of Byron Bay Lighthouse among other local beauty spots. So if the coastal location of Broken Head Holiday Park can’t tempt you to go on the water or in the water, discover the local marine life by soaring above the water with Byron Bay Microlights.

Seeing Byron Bay's diversity from the air

Seeing Byron Bay’s diversity from the air

8. Byron Bay Ballooning

Hot air ballooning is among the most romantic pursuits known to man, and whether you book a VIP trip for two or share the basket with more, a flight over the Byron Bay area will give you a holiday memory to cherish forever. Byron Bay Ballooning offer one hour flights which take in the coastline, Mount Warning and the “green cauldron” – the fertile verdant landscape which makes Byron Bay one of the most beautiful parts of Australia.

Few experiences can compare to an early morning sunrise balloon flight around the Byron Bay area, and you will be in world class hands – Chief Pilot Thomas Dattler is the current Australian Hot Air Ballooning Champion while senior pilot Chris Dewhurst is Australia’s most decorated balloon pilot and first to fly a hot air balloon over Mount Everest. This ballooning company is located north of Byron Bay, but it is one activity well worth venturing out of Broken Head Holiday Park for.

9. Pegasus Park Equestrian Centre

“With the 2 hour beach ride we take the horses in the sea bareback for some fun horse surfing; which is simply the best because you get to catch waves on horseback… I recommend it, it’s awesome.” These are the words with which Ramona Balshaw, owner-instructor of Pegasus Park Equestrian Centre, describes their exhilarating rides on seven miles of isolated sands at Lennox Head beach.

If you have never experienced horse surfing it is well worth making the trip from Broken Head Holiday Park to Bangalow, just 15 miles west of Byron Bay. Whether an experienced rider or a complete beginner, Pegasus promise they have a horse to suit your skills – and if you have never been on horseback before, what better way to start?

10. The Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens

If you came to Broken Head Holiday Park to enhance your sense of spiritual well being, you will not want to go home without experiencing the nearby Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens. This is definitely one of the more unique Byron Bay activities.

What began as a crystal importing business has developed into a tranquil retreat which is home to the only Kalachakra World Peace Stupa in the southern hemisphere. This monument symbolises enlightenment and has been blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Walk past the healing stones of rose quartz on the famous Buddah Walk where you will find the four metre tall Blessing Buddah.

Experience rainforest and sculpture gardens and lose yourself in the ancient labyrinth. Visit in the afternoon so that you can benefit from the Crystal Castle Peace Experience, a unique free offering which takes place at 3.10pm daily, and is designed to enhance your feelings of wellness. This ritual includes a healing sound bath, meditations and a sacred Kora walk around the Peace Stupa.

Contact us about Byron Bay Activities & Tours

So, have you chosen which of the above Byron Bay activities and tours you’ll embark on during your stay at Broken Head Holiday Park? Ask our staff about them if you’re not sure – we’ve experienced most of them. There are further ideas for things to do in Byron Bay on our website.