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Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Camping At Broken Head

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Camping At Broken Head

NOT dreaming of a white Christmas? The sunny and warm conditions at this festive time of year in Byron Bay makes it ideal to set up camp at Broken Head and begin creating some new, fun, family Christmas traditions.


There is absolutely no reason you can’t bring along a small, fold-up Christmas tree to your Broken Head camp site that the family can share in decorating. Alternatively, you can find out from one of our friendly team whether you can decorate one of the trees growing naturally in or around your camp site and create a festive atmosphere for all campers enjoying the festive season. Just remember to be cautious with adding Christmas lights as these can be a fire hazard. Make your own decorations from the various forms of nature surrounding your campsite such as painting dry leaves or seeds in bright festive colours.


If you, or one of your friends or family members, can play a musical instrument remember to bring it along to your Broken Head campsite. There is nothing quite like singing your favourite Christmas carols around a open campfire while roasting marshmallows. You could also bring along a CD player and a few of the greatest Christmas hits to get into the festive mood.


A BBQ with a difference is sure to add just the right amount of Christmas spirit to the day’s affairs. Bring along your kettle BBQ and slow cook or smoke a large cut of meat or bird to be the main feature of your Christmas meal. You could also look at making a total change from traditional Christmas fare and put some fresh fish or seafood caught locally on the barbecue. Alternatively, find out if in there are any popular restaurants in the area that will be presenting a Christmas feast and sit back and relax while being served.

The Gifts

Remember to pack all the gifts that will be opened by family and friends on Christmas Day and reassure the kids that Santa will know they will be at Broken Head for Christmas. Pack a Santa suit so that the kids can see that the man in red and white likes to do a bit of camping himself once in a while.

Most importantly, take lots of photos of your Christmas holiday at Broken Head to truly make the day memorable for all and to remember the traditions you would like to keep in the future.