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Fiesta! Byron Bay Heats Up For The Latin Dance Festival

Fiesta! Byron Bay Heats Up For The Latin Dance Festival

Latin fever is about to hit the town of Byron Bay for the annual dance festival.  The vibrant colours, intoxicating music, passionate dance as well as the hot and spicy food of Latin cuture will infuse every fiber of the town for the first weekend in November. The wide variety of Byron Bay budget accommodation means that everyone can take part in the fun for the weekend or even book an extended holiday to make the most of the other activities and entertainment that the region has to offer.

The Dance

The feverish tempos and fast-paced steps of Latin dance can be a bit intimidating for anyone new to this dance genre. However, the two days of Latin Dance Workshops will teach you the basics or even perfect the moves of dancers who have had a little more experience. You can then practice and flaunt your new moves at the wide range of parties that will be held over four days. If you feel you may need more coaching than the two-day workshop, book your Byron Bay budget accommodation a few days in advance of the festival and get some extra lessons under your belt.

The Music

All the events will serve up the best Latin music with live artists and DJ’s travelling from far and wide to make the event special. Latin music continues to grow in popularity as it provides a unique blend of African, South American and Spanish beats. While most of the music will be upbeat to keep the party going until the early hours of the morning, you can also sit back and enjoy slower songs performed passionately by the live artists.

The Food

Hot and spicy is definitely on the menu at most eating establishments and Byron Bay budget accommodation facilities for the first weekend in November. Fresh seafood dishes will take centre stage with a range of other popular Latin cuisine to titillate the taste-buds. For those who are not fans of the hot food, there is plenty of fare on offer that eliminates the chilli elements.

The Dress

You can choose to dress in traditional Latin costume to make the most of the event or just wear colourful clothing in keeping with the theme. Most importantly, don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes to take along to your Byron Bay budget accommodation or other lodgings. If you do forget your costume or shoes, just visit one of the many retail stores in the area that are sure to have just what you need.