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Jump Aboard the Byron Bay Surf Festival 2014

Jump Aboard the Byron Bay Surf Festival 2014

It certainly helps but – truth be told – you don’t have to be obsessed with surfing to enjoy the upcoming Byron Bay Surf Festival held Friday 24th to Sunday 26th October. You do have to like watching amazing water acrobatics, know how to party and enjoy ogling lots of young well tanned board athletes strutting around the beach and the town of Byron Bay itself though. Sounds ok? Then read on…

Opening Event at the Byron Surf Festival

Beyond the Surface is the free open air film premier on Friday night

Beyond the Surface is the free open air film premier on Friday night

The whole Byron Bay Surf Festival weekend kicks off on Friday, 24th October with a rather impressive and dramatic opening ceremony from the Arakwal Bundjalung people and Nigel Stewart. Turn up and you will witness some amazing story telling as well as song and dance performances as Nigel reveals Byron Bay’s  long culture and history to visitors.

If that hasn’t already got you fired up for this Byron Bay event, then afterwards you can look forward to a free open air film premier from 7pm to 9pm on Friday night. The documentary Beyond the Surface features Indian female surfer Ishita Malaviya and friends who show how surfing and ecology are aiming to change her world and parts of our planet as a whole.

Surf Art at the Festival

Japanese artist Kei Otsuka will be one of many artists displaying painting and images at the weekend.

Japanese artist Kei Otsuka will be one of many artists displaying surf art at the festival.

Surf art is a huge part of the Byron Bay Surf Festival and this year there are a number of returning artists as well as new faces on the block.

Popular Heather Brown from Oahu in Hawaii is one of the returning artists. She arrives with even more stunningly vivid portraits of surfers, the ocean and her homeland. As usual her gorgeous work takes the form of acrylic paint, woodcuts and screen prints.

Also putting in an appearance this year is Japanese artist Kei Otsuka (see image on right). With a rather dreamy slant to his work, Kei uses ‘gentle colours’ redolent of nature and the ocean in particular.

One of the best surfing photographers in the world, Russell Ord from Australia continues to cause onlookers to gasp at his magnificent images.

We’d advise you go and check out the rest of the talented crew too at the Art/Photography Show on Main Beach at Apex Park. It opens at 11pm on 24th October. Take some cash ‘cos you’re sure to be tempted. Or maybe that’s a reason not to take some cash along!

Surf Yoga

Yoga and surfing: the perfect combination

Yoga and surfing: the perfect combination

Surfing and yoga just seem to be such a perfect combination – so much so that the Byron Bay Surf Festival is introducing Surfer’s yoga sessions. Focusing on alignment, dynamic flow and relaxation, this should appeal to all levels and abilities of board dude.

Instructor, yogi Geoff Brooks of Byron Bay’s Ananta YOGA focuses on Asana yoga and mixes it with a series of surfing-related poses. The class is on Friday 24th October from 10 to 11pm and is usually a bit of a sell-out so try and get there early if you’re keen to participate.

Injury Prevention Classes

A must for any novice surfer is the Injury Prevention Classes, held at Main Beach from 11pm to 12 midnight on the Friday, 24th October. Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor Ryan Huxley from Surf Body Soul will show the effects on the body long-term surfing can produce. He’ll then go on to show how it’s possible to balance the muscles, joints and nervous system so that surfing all day long doesn’t take its toll.

Surf Art Market

You can buy some cool stuff at the Surf Festival

You can buy some cool stuff at the Surf Festival

Always popular – and rightly so! The Surf Art Market consists of a whole host of wonderful, colourful stalls such as those selling Indian tipis, a variety of handcrafted goods, clothing, vintage cars and motorbikes, a wooden fin making display, gourmet foods and beer. What more could you want on a spring weekend?

Stay at Broken Head Holiday Park for the Surf Festival

The above are only a selection of exhibits and workshops on offer at this year’s Byron surf festival. Visit the Byron Bay Surf Festival website for more entertainment being added as the weekend approaches. If you’re thinking of heading out for the Byron Bay Surf Festival and would like somewhere affordable and suitably sustainable to stay then here at Broken Head Holiday Park we have non-powered and powered camp sites as well as Beach Shacks and Beach Huts. This is a popular local festival so book now to avoid disappointment!

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