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Camping Etiquette: How to Be The Camper Everyone Loves

Camping Etiquette: How to Be The Camper Everyone Loves

Whether you’re getting ready to go on your first or 50th camping holiday, it’s a good idea to remember to be a polite camper. Adhering to camping etiquette makes you someone who people are happy to have as their neighbour while on holiday. The following list of camping tips will help anyone pitching a tent for the first time or serve as a reminder on how to be the camper that everyone loves.

1. Keep your distance

Personal space applies not just to your everyday interactions with people, but for camping too. No one likes it when another camper sets up right on top of the campers around you. Try to stay to the middle of your campsite, giving space to those all around you. That’s one of the reasons to go camping—getting away from people and enjoying the great outdoors.

2. Don’t walk through another camper’s site

A major no-no in campsite etiquette is walking through another camper’s area. There are always pathways around sites for everyone to use. Just because it’s faster to get to the bathroom through your neighbouring campsite doesn’t mean you should do it. Be polite, and go around—your friendly camping neighbours will be happy you did.

3. Noise

Keep in mind that not everyone stays up late or rises early. Making sure you’re respectful of those around you and their schedules is an important part of following camping rules. So any noises from kids goofing around and talking loudly (i.e. partying late at night) to music and doors opening and closing on RVs are all part of what’s subject to this noise rule. Keep it down!

4. Kids


Image Source: Coleman Australia

Kids deserve to have wonderful memories of fun camping holidays. But we adults need to make sure the kiddos keep in mind that some campers don’t want to hear kids before 7 am or have them running around the campsite late at night. It’s important to be aware of your children’s whereabouts, talk to them about being courteous campers (no throwing a ball through another camper’s site, etc.) and help them follow the noise level rules.

5. Clean up

Don’t be a litter bug. Your campsite should be clear of rubbish when you leave, and litter should be thrown in bins provided during your stay.

6. Respect the facilities

Hopefully this is one of those camping tips that really don’t even need to be said because you already do it. If the holiday park has shower and bathroom facilities, keep them as clean as you found them.

7. Generators


Image Source 4×4 Australia

This is one of the top camping tips—check out the rules surrounding the use of generators at the particular holiday park you’re staying. (Keep in mind most National Parks don’t even allow them!) Noisy generators is one of the biggest complaints campers list about other campers, so be polite and use them only during operating hours.

8. Be friendly

This is a simple one. Be friendly to the campers around you! No one wants to deal with a grumpy neighbour.

9. Park

Another easy camping tip: park in front of your campsite or near or next to your RV or tent. It’s just rude to park too close to another camper’s site or to block access to it.

10. Read the rules of the holiday park

Camp etiquette extends to following the rules of the park you’re in, such as the speed limit or hours of use for the camp kitchen. Check them out ahead of your stay so you know what to expect when you arrive.

Follow these camping tips while you stay at Broken Head

Polite campers will enjoy not only a fun holiday, but they might make some new friends along the way. Book your stay at Broken Head Holiday Park and pick one of our campsites so you can display your best camping manners!

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